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South America is home to some of the world’s most esteemed wine regions. If you are a wine connoisseur that likes to travel, then South America wine regions should certainly be next on your list. Whether that be a couple of wine tours in Peru, drink experiences in Montevideo (the capital of Uruguay) or visiting a popular winery in Argentina.

As to when you should plan your visit, be mindful the summer months can have uncomfortable high temperatures. Although, not only that but they can bring with them torrid rainstorms.

Therefore, the best time to book is during March and April, when temperatures are nice and warm, while not overwhelmingly hot. Although, if you wish to risk the end of February, this will coincide with the annual grape harvest.

South America Wine Regions

Below we take a look at 5 of the best South America Wine Regions. During which a wine tour will give you the chance to visit the vineyards, meet the sommeliars and sample the produce.

Ica Valley (Peru)

There are five vineyard regions in Peru - North Coast, Central Coast, South Coast, Andean Sierra and Selva. However, Ica Valley is where you will enjoy the best Peruvian wine. There are a plenty of vineyards and wineries scattered around the area. All of which are also known for producing another of Peru’s famous exports - Pisco. This Peruvian take on brandy is traditionally distilled from fermented fruit juice or derived directly from wine.


The most popular wine tours in Chile will take you deep into the valleys. In particular, Maipo Valley (mainly red wines) and the Cachapoal Valley (for whites). Both these wine regions are only a short distance away from Santiago and a fantastic choice for wine tours from the capital. When planning your trip, it's recommended to try spending a couple of days in each valley. The gorgeous natural surroundings will definitely complement your wine tasting sessions.


When it comes to South American wine regions in Argentina, Mendoza will often be top of the list. As it is here the famous Malbec, Cab Sav, and Torrontés are produced. The wine region is one of the most amazing places in the country. Mendoza is outlined by two Andean peaks that stand proudly at a height of over 6,000 metres. In fact, the area is full of striking mountains and breath-taking vineyards stretched across thousands of acres. The town itself is like an overgrown village, with amazing scenery, fine-dining restaurants and tree-lined streets. Although wine tours in Buenos Aires are a fantastic opportunity to sample the local produce. Either wine tasting in local bars or heading out to the surrounding vineyards.


Another superb South American wine region, well-known for the Pinot Noir grapes and their sparkling wines. The areas of La Pampa and Rio Negro are also developing their wine-production with the introduction of modern vineyards. The fruity grapes grown here and the very slow ripening process often result in rich, full-bodied wines.

Montevideo (Uruguay)

Wine tours in Montevideo are a superb introduction to this cosmopolitan city. One with an amazing variety of restaurants, all serving exceptional wines. However, the city is also the starting point for numerous wine tours and drink experiences from Montevideo heading out to the nearby wineries. Including the likes of Bodega Carrau and Bouza Bodega. Uruguay has also established its own popular wine-route, the "Ruta del Vino", in the Canelones Region just outside the city.

South America Wine Tours

Enjoy the exciting wine regions of South America with Featuring amazing drink experiences and wine tours, combined with tasting sessions and local cuisine.

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