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By joining one of our Slovenia wine tours in Koper, tourists can learn the local history and tails of old wine-making traditions. As well, of course, wine tasting sessions featuring Slovenian classics such as Refosco, Malvasia and Muscat.

However, Slovenia also produces a number of international varieties. These include the likes of Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. All of which are becoming more and more popular across Europe, creating a thriving marketplace for Slovenia's wine export.

As well as travelling through the glorious countryside of Eastern Europe, wine tours in Koper visit the very best vineyards. Along with local wine cellars at some of the regions most famous family-run estates. As such, perfect for any wine-lover wanting to spend their time meeting the sommeliers and sampling the produce.

Slovenia Wine Tours in Koper

Slovenia boasts picturesque landscapes with rolling hills, adorned with vineyard cottages and family-owned wine cellars. Below we take a look at several wine tours from Koper, combining wine-tasting with magnificent views of the Slovenian countryside.

Wine Fountain Tour from Koper

This shared group tour from Koper takes you to the heart of the Slovenian wine region. In particular, from the Port of Koper, visiting the one and only Wine Fountain in Slovenia. Once you have arrived, you will be given a token to allow you to pour wine into your special glass right from the very pipe of the fountain. The fountain is where the Refoscco vine is growing – creating the well-known Marezige.

The area overlooks the Adriatic Sea and alpine peaks, resulting in amazing views. Which, in return, makes the whole Slovenia wine tours experience an unforgettable part of your holiday.

Venetian Koper and Wine Delights

With your expert local guide, you will enjoy a relaxing walk through the old city and visit the historical sites of Tito’s Square, Pretorian Palace and the Cathedral. Travelling along the main street through the Muda Gate and the promenade, you will reach the Carpaccio Square. It is here you will learn all about the famous Venetian painter born in Koper. Afterwards, the next stop is the Regional museum and then the best is left to the last - enjoy local wine tasting with tasty snacks.

Private Wine Tasting Tours in Koper

Here we present a private small-group Slovenia wine tour, visiting two wineries within the same region. As such, presenting a chance to compare differences between separate wine variations. Both wineries are family-run, which will enable you to discuss wine history and production with your hosts. Discover all the local passionate stories about the landscape and region from the local people, and then it is time to return to Koper travelling along the beautiful Slovenian Coastline.

Koper Wine Tours with

Discover the amazing Slovenian history and passion that is behind every bottle. Experience the beautiful vineyard landscapes with family or friends with our Slovenia wine tours in Koper.

Our recommended wineries have all been chosen for the quality of their grape varieties, in order to give you the real taste of Slovenia.

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