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There is a reason why Florence is so well known for coinciding its meals with each of the four seasons. It's largely due to the volume of local produce grown and picked within a small radius of the city centre.

Its rife market culture and encouragement of healthy eating means that locals are treated to the freshest fruit and vegetables, alongside great quality homemade carbohydrates like bread and pasta. The difference between buying from private sellers and supermarkets is that you get food containing more goodness and fewer bad sugars, which contribute to better overall physical and mental health. So, what is the best way to do this consistently throughout the year? The answer: food and drink experiences that involve seasonal dishes.

Seasonal Food to Eat in Florence 1

Seasonal Food to Eat in Florence

By eating seasonally, you get to experience the broad tastes of Florence at their ripest, straight from the vine or dug up from the ground. Browse the authentic street markets and inhale the smells of aged cheese and aromatic cooking, or cast your eyes on the rainbow of colours from tomatoes, courgettes and garlic. No wonder so many restaurants want to buy this fantastic quality harvest.

If you are ready to visit Florence and vow to eat according to the seasons, then here are our top dishes.


Spring is the first season on our list, and it is filled with lots of tasty morsels to try. This time of the year sees a huge bean harvest appear on the market front, with peas, beets and lemons greatly accompanying them. Cherries and strawberries make tasty and ideal toppers for sweet dishes, and beets are hearty ingredients to a spring salad bowl.

Here are some meals for you to taste whilst you enjoy your spring travels.

  • Garmugia is an Italian soup traditionally consumed in the springtime. It is made with all the above ingredients, such as peas, beans, artichokes and asparagus. Remember to consume it with some traditional crostini bread.
  • Pasta dishes which are high in pulses are regularly eaten during the month. Meat, such as fresh chicken or beef, can be added to the bake to make it more fulfilling if you so wish.
  • For those wanting a warm, wholesome dish, then Tuscan quinoa can be a hearty option. Top it with cheese for extra taste.
Seasonal Food to Eat in Florence 2


This season brings a hefty harvest of basil and tomatoes, which are perfect for the toppings on a fresh sourdough pizza. You can expect to find plenty of root vegetables too. Recipes will incorporate courgette and its flowers in the restaurants, alongside the large, purple eggplant. Fruits like melons, peaches, plums and berries can also be purchased in higher bulks, which are perfect for desserts, smoothies and snacking.

Here are some meals for you to try out whilst you spend your summer break in Florence.

  • Panzanella, the Tuscan bread salad, is a common meal shared by the locals during very hot months. It is made through the use of onion, tomato, basil and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Fried zucchini blossoms can be eaten as a light snack for starters. They taste very similar to the fruit, only less dense.
  • Arselle saute can be made from clams that are found on the Tuscan coastlands. They taste great when seasoned with garlic and vegetables.


When the leaves turn brown and fall from the trees, one might expect harvests to slow down. However, this is far from the case! The autumnal season brings many different kinds of foods to what we have been used to in the previous months, such as pumpkins and squashes which are perfect for stuffing with quinoa. The fruit you can expect to see on the market stalls will be a mixture of apples, prunes, figs and grapes, and essential bags of spinach and mushrooms will also be in the plenty.

Here are just some of the dishes which will be served by the local restaurants.

  • Tagliolini pasta can be topped with the autumnal speciality – truffles, shaved over the dish. Although cooking with one requires a few rules for your health, going to a special restaurant where these are served is your best option, as you will be able to experience them at their best potential.
  • Fagioli all’uccelletto is a staple comfort food to eat after a long day outdoors. It is made with beans baked in a light tomato and sage sauce, topped with fresh basil.
  • If you are wanting to try a sweet dish, why not have a try of some castagnaccio? You might be able to find one of these freshly baked in a local shop. If you do, you should not pass up the opportunity to try one of these due to its infusion with raisins, pine nuts, walnuts and rosemary.
Seasonal Food to Eat in Florence 3


The country is now colder than usual, and the residents are less likely to venture out as much as they were earlier in the year. This means that warm dishes are a must. Luckily, this season’s harvest typically has plenty of vegetables ready to be warmed up, such as potatoes, broccoli, carrots and kale. You can even get your hands on almonds and other kinds of nuts too – perhaps the odd pomegranate.

Looking for the perfect winter meal? Why not try these options?

  • Ribollita, a soup made from bread and vegetables. Whilst this used to be viewed as a poor man’s meal due to its cheap ingredients and appearance of sloppy leftovers, it is actually an extraordinarily healthy and hearty option to fuel yourself on during the winter months.
  • Peposo is a type of delicious stew made from beef braised in red wine and black pepper. It can be served with any carbohydrate to make a well-balanced meal but fares best when drizzled over seasonal mashed potato.
  • Pappa al Pomodoro is a delicious bread, basil and tomato soup for a simple starter or main.

Experience the Four Seasonal Food in Florence

If you are ready to explore the best seasonal food to eat in Florence, why not book one of our many food and drink experiences? These include food and wine tours, cooking classes, local dining and much more.

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