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Barcelona has a thriving food scene, with many local dishes featuring seasonal food having been built from its foundations as a city by the sea.

You can sample some of the most iconic Spanish cuisine in this incredible and diverse city. While there are some classic meals you may wish to try at any time of year (such as paella and gazpacho), paying attention to the seasons can ensure you enjoy the freshest and tastiest food.

Seasonal Food to Eat in Barcelona

Knowing what seasonal produce is available at a particular time of year is a great way to get the most out of every flavour. As such, below we explore the best seasonal food to eat in Barcelona.

What food is in season during the spring in Barcelona?

There are so many fresh foods to try during the springtime in Barcelona. With the winter chill easing, vibrant colour comes back to the city in the form of beautiful fruits and vegetables grown locally, in the Spanish countryside and beyond. April is the month when potatoes begin to be harvested, and local varieties such as Patatas de Prades from Tarragona Province are especially delicious. One of the most renowned varieties of potato in the world, Papas Antiguas de Canarias, are grown in the Canary Islands but can be found in Barcelona markets - their deep yellow shade and smooth texture are delicious in a range of dishes.

Vegetables like peas, artichokes, green and white asparagus, green peppers and broad beans are also in season during the late winter and early spring months in Barcelona.

Strawberries and medlar come into season in the spring season. Medlar is an especially sweet and sticky fruit, similar to dates, which can be used in several desserts - it is quite a gourmet fruit in the region.

While tomatoes are available year-round and feature heavily in many classic meals, they are at their best during the spring and summer.

What food is in season during the summer in Barcelona?

In the summertime, the Barcelona food scene truly comes alive. Luscious fruits such as apricots, apples, cherries and green and purple figs come into season during the warmer months. Watermelon, plums, peaches, pears and papayas are also in season, bringing an exotic flavour to Barcelona.

Avocado, courgettes and aubergines come into their own, and crispy fresh cucumbers are a common feature of many dishes. Aubergines are well known as the main feature of Catalan cooking throughout the year and are often combined with tomatoes, peppers, artichokes and garlic to create the rich and fresh meals associated with this region - such as Escalivada (Catalan roasted vegetables).

What food is in season during the autumn in Barcelona?

Some of the most identifiable flavours in Barcelona are in season during the autumn. Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemons are in season during the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, and grapes and persimmons come into season during September.

Chestnuts are a popular autumn staple and are the main feature at the festival La Castanyada across the Catalan region on the 1st of November. Chestnuts are roasted throughout the city, lending a cosy, enticing scent. Sweet potatoes are also eaten around this celebration, and wild mushrooms become the main part of many restaurant menus.

What food is in season during the winter in Barcelona?

Citrus fruit continues to thrive in the winter, with grapefruit entering its season in December, as well as darker vegetables like cabbage, turnip, pumpkin, broccoli and cardoon. Cardoon is part of the artichoke family and has a slightly bitter taste, which is often used in hearty winter soups.

Broths, soups and stews are the main part of Catalan cuisine during the colder weather. The festive season takes advantage of the local seasonal fare, with dishes such as Escudella i Carn d’Olla featuring pasta with meat and vegetables in a stew.

Where can you find seasonal food in Barcelona?

The seasonal fruits and vegetables of Barcelona are served in many different ways, often with seafood. But where can you source these delicacies and ensure that you are finding the best produce at the right time of year? Fortuitously, Barcelona has many excellent markets selling a bounty of food, both fresh and cooked for you. This is a wonderful way to discover the authentic tastes of the region.

Perhaps the most well-known market in Barcelona is located in the popular tourist area of La Rambla. Mercado de La Boqueria is a large covered market with a variety of diverse foods on offer, including seasonal and local produce, as well as some hot food options.

If you're looking for a market a little away from this crowded area, Santa Caterina Market mainly sells fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as locally sourced meat and fish. Or head to the 19th-century building that houses Barceloneta Market, which also serves tapas.

Whether you want to find raw ingredients and cook Catalan-inspired meals yourself or try new food cooked by Barcelona natives, these markets are one of the best ways to go on a culinary adventure.

Enjoy Seasonal Food in Barcelona with

Choosing seasonal food in Barcelona is a wonderful way to truly taste the region. By doing so, you will be enjoying food that is better quality and cheaper to purchase than buying out of season. If you want to discover more about what food is in season when you visit Barcelona, then why not enjoy a walking food tour where you can discover the iconic markets and find the freshest produce?

Or take part in an interactive cooking experience and learn how to create some of the incredible dishes on offer? Learn more about the seasonal food to eat in Barcelona with one of our many food and drink experiences - available to book online with tabl.

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