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Santorini wines are widely recognised as some of the best Greece have to offer. Which is by no means discounting those from elsewhere within the country! However, with a wine tour in Santorini, you'll discover just how the local wineries deliver above and beyond all expectations.

It’s worth noting that even before you set foot on the island, you are already welcomed with a beautiful backdrop to your wine tour. The Greek hospitality is known for it’s warm and friendly nature, whereby the locals rarely drink alone. As such, what better way than to share a glass of wine with those who already familiar with life in Santorini.

Santorini Wine and Wineries

Some of the best bars and restaurants for wine tasting are within the island’s two main villages, Oia and Fira. However, venture a little further and you will soon discover a world of Santorini wine and wineries.

Domaine Sigalas

The internationally acclaimed vineyards of Domaine Sigalas are among the best in Greece, with award-winning wines recognised around the globe. It’s also thought to be one of the oldest vineyards in the world, dating back to a time the ancient Greeks truly started to thrive on utilising the native grapes.

Estate Argyros

This particular winery is a fantastic introduction to the wines of Santorini. It’s a modern take on old traditions, based around 100 years of producing fine Greek wines. Now run by its 4th generation of owners, this family estate includes vines dating as far back as the 1850s.


As one of the islands leading wine-producers, Gaia bottle over 120,000 white wines each year. However, despite being busy there’s still attention to detail for visiting guests. With not only the locally produced whites available but also reds at their Peloponnese vineyards too. All the while just a 5-minute drive away from the airport, making for the perfect stop-off en route to your holiday accommodation.


While the Santorini wine and wineries tend to make the most of the volcanic soil along the cliff edges, Vassaltis take to the lower ground. Just outside the village of Vourvoulus, the winery focuses on high-quality budget wines. Having only been opened for the past 5 years, they are certainly among the wineries to keep an eye on.


If you’re after a Santorini wine tour that dates back to the origins of winemaking, then Venetsanos show how they functioned pre-electricity. Well, before it was commonplace on the island. Using old techniques, the vineyard eventually closed its doors in the late ’70s, before re-opening in 2014 with a more high-tech facility.

Wine Tours in Santorini

Book some of the best wine tours in Santorini with Where you will find a wide range of food and drink experiences. After something for a special occasion in Santorini? Then why not treat a loved one to our private lobster and champagne cruise instead.

The history of Greek wine in Athens

The holiday location of Greece is a fantastic destination for wine lovers, which can often be traced back to the history of Greek wine in Athens. Read the article The history of Greek wine in Athens for insights on the history of Greek wines

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