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When you visit Italy, you will soon come to realise drink experiences in Rome are an important part of the local culture.

In fact, the most popular drinks cover every aspect of the Roman day. Whether that’s a coffee to start the day, a glass of wine to accompany lunch or those all-important after-dinner cocktails.

As you visit the various cafes and restaurants in and around the capital, you’ll be amazed at the volume of drinks available. With so many choices on display, deciding where to go for a spot of socialising or some well-deserved alone time can be an exciting but somewhat confusing adventure. That's why our food and drink experiences in Rome are on hand to help take the pressure away from your travels.

Popular Drinks to Experience in Rome

Let us help you understand the Roman ethos when it comes to our guide to the most popular drinks to experience in Rome:

Italian Coffee

It will come as no surprise that Italy is home to the Expresso. With a well-established coffee culture, you won't have any problem finding somewhere to grab a quick pick-me-up. Although great coffee is available just about anywhere in the Eternal City, so likewise if you're not in any hurry find a nice independent bar or cafe and take your time!

Although your average cup sizes in Italy may appear smaller than the international coffee chains, you will certainly have a much more authentic experience. After all, why join a long queue for a taste of home when you're away enjoying the finer things in life?


Thriving cocktail bars in any city are a must for socialising and the Roman masters of mixology are no exception. The ‘Cardinale’ is undoubtedly one of the most popular cocktails in Italy, which combines gin, Campari and dry vermouth, rocked with plenty of ice.

The ‘Angelo Azzurro’ is the next most consumed cocktail, albeit in some bars is also known as the ‘Blue Angel’. Again based around gin, this combination adds triple sec (Cointreau) and blue curaçao – it’s a gorgeous summer tipple! Learn more about the origins of the most famous Italian cocktails with our Cocktail Lesson in Rome (plus an Italian Dinner on a Roman Terrace).

Italian Prosecco

Prosecco is just gorgeous, especially when served chilled and is certainly a great choice after a long day of sightseeing. If you’re visiting a high-end restaurant, diners are often offered a complimentary glass as they take a look at the food menu.

Alternatively, wine tours from Rome are a chance to experience sparkling prosecco surrounded by wonderful vineyards.

Authentic Bellini

A Bellini is a wonderful drink prepared from a blend of the aforementioned prosecco, along with fresh peach juice and a dash of maraschino cherry. You may find Bellini featured on the cocktail menu, but it can also be ordered at the bar - as they are as popular as asking for a double rum and coke.

Vino Rosso

This adorable red wine is the main drink to enjoy if you’re out for dinner, especially if you're planning to share with fellow guests. Mainly because it's usually served in a large pitcher along with individual glasses, a great choice to have with pasta or pizza.

Wine is always one of the more popular drinks to experience in Rome. In fact, with a range of local suppliers just outside the city, why not book a food and drink experience here to discover the very best wines available?


Limoncello is a famous Italian liqueur simply made from pure alcohol, lemon zest, water, and balanced with the right amount of sugar. As such, it's more sweet than sour and normally served after dinner. However, the sweetness does mask the strength – so be warned to sip rather than gulp!


Another popular after-dinner drink with the Romans. It initially appears more like a dessert wine than a strong alcoholic drink, so again do be aware of its alcohol content. In order to drink responsibly, grappa is a taste to savour rather than take by the bottle.

Popular Drinks to Experience in Rome

Get to grips with the local drinking scene and discover even more popular drinks to experience in Rome with Click here for a selection of those adventures currently available to book online.

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