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Are you looking for an alternative to a virtual quiz? During lockdown, our online cooking classes in the UK are a fantastic way to enhance your skills in the kitchen.

Not only that, but they're also something fun to do with family and friends. Although home cooking classes aren't just something to help pass the time, as we have new dates available throughout the year.

Virtual Online Cooking Classes UK

If you're looking to become star baker or master new techniques, such as creating the perfect risotto, there's never been a better time to learn. As the UK faces another lockdown month, check dates and availability for our virtual online cooking classes.

Chocolate Course with Kitchen Joy

This yummy chocolate course will take just under an hour and is designed for individuals or small groups.

Let me share with you the secrets of mouth-watering chocolate beetroot brownies, as well as a few interesting techniques. These are deliciously moist chocolate brownies without being too sweet. They are also deemed to be healthy as they are free of sugar, dairy, gluten and are flourless. We will make sixteen brownies together in an easy and fun way – just awesome!

Risotto with Green Asparagus

Chef Carlo Bernardini was born in Venice and raised in his family’s hotel where he grew up with Venetian local produce and the teachings of his Grandmother’s home cooking.

As a passionate Italian chef, Carlo wishes to help you make this delicious Mediterranean classic. The full list of ingredients will be emailed to you once your booking is confirmed, ready for your online cooking class.

Goat Tarkari

A gorgeous unique and delicious dish from western Venezuela. It is normally made with goat as the title suggests - but is also just as tasty with lamb. The main ingredient is the yellow curry paste that originated from the exotic Trinidad and Tobago islands. Learn to cook this delicious dish, maybe meet new friends, and enjoy a cultural interaction in the setting of your own kitchen.

Cook an Elegant 2-Course Dinner

Rather than travel to Italy, our online cooking classes in the UK can bring Italian cuisine direct to you! Andrea Zagatti is a passionate Italian Chef who will guide you in how to prepare and cook this delectable dinner via Zoom.

Andrea has been a chef at many Michelin-starred restaurants. One of these restaurants was close to his Italian home and he worked under the supervision of the head Chef - Massimo Bottura. It was here he was taught how to cook fresh Italian cuisine.

Before the class starts, you will buy your ingredients for the pasta dish and for the dessert – the Banana Soufflé. Do make sure you invite someone close to you, to help you enjoy this amazing meal!

Red Velvet Raspberry Cake

Just the name of this cake makes your taste-buds salivate! You will be given plenty of tricks of the trade to ensure you achieve amazing results. This cooking class will give you the opportunity to become more creative and is a relaxing way to feel a sense of real accomplishment.

Firstly, we will start making the red velvet sponges. Following that it is time to make the cream cheese white chocolate frosting. After the sponges have cooled down, we will assemble the layers, cut and decorate the cake.

Soufflé Vanilla Cake

If you are wanting to look for something to bake a bit more sophisticated and more advanced than your usual bakes – this cake is for you! Al you need is some guidance to perfect this recipe. We will now start to make the vanilla sponges. You will be given tricks and tips on how to get the best outcome.

Now it is time to make the vanilla soufflé, which will be via a step by step process. Then it is time to get the cake baked, cooled, assembled and decorated. Now we make the gorgeous chocolate ganache. Afterwards, relax pour a glass of wine and cut a good slice of your delicious cake and enjoy!

Please note: Many of the above classes only run on specific days. As such please check the individual availability prior to booking.

Online Cookery Classes with tabl.

With our virtual online cooking classes in the UK, you can discover new skills or improve the old ones. There are classes available for all abilities, from complete novices, family and friends to professional chefs looking for new ideas.

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