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Are you wondering which Burgundy wines are proving the most popular in 2023? There are already some early trends for the latest styles from upcoming producers, alongside everlasting classics that will be forever popular this year. Whether you're planning a Burgundy wine tour from Paris visiting the stunning vineyards or just fancy buying a bottle or two from your local winery, we have a comprehensive list of recommendations for you.

Most Popular Burgundy Wines for 2023

Read on to learn all about our top picks for Burgundy wines that are sure to be among the favourites in 2023!

Breaking Down the Most Popular Burgundy Wines of 2023

2023 is already set to be a great year for Burgundy wines, with many exciting, high-quality options to choose from. Those looking for an interesting and complex flavour profile will be delighted at the range of styles available, especially some of the modern estates. Sweet and fruity are increasingly popular, while dry reds continue to satisfy those with a more classic Burgundy wine preference. Light-bodied reds like Pinot Noir continue to remain among the best-sellers, but robust blends such as Gamay are a popular choice locally. Meanwhile, chardonnays tend to lead when it comes to white wines.

Pinot Noir – Alluring Fruitiness with Earthy Undertones

Pinot Noir is one of the most appreciated red wines around. With its alluring fruitiness and earthy undertones, it has been said to be one of the few truly complex and desirable wines developed over time. Its fantastic flavour profiles allow it to pair exquisitely with a variety of different meals, everything from robust cheeses and pasta to grilled pork or salmon. Best enjoyed slightly chilled, this wine provides an exquisite taste that is sure to please any gourmet palette. Delve into the wonderful flavours offered by Pinot Noir for yourself today - you won't be disappointed with what this classic red wine has to offer!

Chardonnay – A Refreshing White Wine with Fruity and Floral Notes

Chardonnay is a popular white wine that is renowned for its fruity, buttery and floral notes. It has an aroma of green apple, pear and citrus, while its flavour profile can range from apricot and honeysuckle to tropical fruits like pineapple. The complexity of chardonnay comes from its oak ageing, with undertones of vanilla or spices. Its popularity also owes to the fact that it pairs well with a variety of foods, including chicken and seafood dishes, creamy pasta dishes, salads, cheeses and fruit-based desserts. Whether you're looking for something special for a romantic evening or simply want a refreshing glass of white wine after a long day at work – Chardonnay is sure to satisfy your taste buds!

Beaujolais Nouveau – Light, Playful Red for Casual Dinners

Beaujolais Nouveau is a light, playful red wine perfect for casual family dinners or intimate gatherings with friends. Often available for purchase as soon as late summer each year, this is one of the youngest wines you can find. The grapes used to make it are harvested only a few weeks before release and fermentation are completed quickly in tanks as opposed to traditional oak barrels. As a result, it offers bright aromas of cherry and strawberry along with light tannin levels and flavours that range from just-picked raspberries to apple blossoms. Enjoy served slightly chilled on its own or paired with seasonal grilled dishes such as salmon or pork tenderloin for that iconic French flavour combination. Bon appétit!

Gamay – Soft Tannins and Subtle Spice for Every Occasion

Gamay is an excellent choice for any event or dinner. With its soft tannins and subtle spicy undertones, Gamay pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes. Whether you're entertaining friends, celebrating a special occasion, or just looking for a great accompaniment to your evening meal, Gamay is sure to fit the bill. Its light body and fruit-forward characteristics make it very approachable to all types of wine drinkers without being overwhelming. So go ahead and give Gamay a try the next time you entertain - we promise you won't be disappointed!

Côte de Beaune – Complex Wines from One of the Oldest Estates

The Côte de Beaune wine estate, nestled in the forests of the Burgundy region of France, is one of the oldest and most renowned estates in the world. As a producer of matchless vintages for centuries, it is known to experts for its renowned complexity and structured nature. Each seasonal production yields a bouquet of flavours that vary from herbal notes to fruits to light creaminess, a testament to their time-honoured winemaking approach. No matter the vintage, each sip leads to an unforgettable experience and an incomparable finish. With every bottle crafted by generations of master winemakers, you can be sure that Côte de Beaune will continue to deliver supreme quality wines year after year.

Popular Burgundy Wine Tours with

In conclusion, Burgundy is a complex and interesting region of France that produces quality wine in a variety of styles. As a result, while many popular wines for 2023 tend to lean towards the classics, by taking a local wine tour you'll soon discover something new and exciting. After all, from the buttery notes of Chardonnay to light and playful Beaujolais Nouveau, alongside the soft tannins and subtle spice from Gamay, there's a wine for everyone.

What better way to explore this famous wine region than a day out from the French capital, combining the very best in the food and drink of France? Go ahead and book yourself onto one of our fabulous wine tours in Burgundy and indulge in the finer things in life.

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