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As of 2020, the following 6 eateries are all classed as Michelin Starred restaurants in Budapest. Each of which showcases how much choice is available during a food experience in Budapest at the fine-dining level of food tourism within the Hungarian capital.

The coveted Michelin Star is awarded to the very best restaurants in the world. Although often associated with high-end food, this isn’t always the case, with a selection of Gastro Pubs and even street food vendors have made the grade.

However, when it comes to Michelin Starred Restaurants in Budapest, the recognition of the award really has been presented to some of the best restaurants in Hungary. After all, the cuisine of Hungary isn’t just about goulash and other hearty stews

6 Michelin Starred Restaurants in Budapest

Below are 6 Michelin Starred restaurants in Budapest. Although for the very best food experience in Budapest it goes without saying we highly recommend booking in advance.

    • Onyx
    • Costes Restaurant
    • Costes Downtown
    • Borkonyha Restaurant
    • Stand Restaurant
    • Babel Budapest


While one star is impressive in itself, the well-established Onyx restaurant in Budapest’s Downtown has been awarded a second in 2018.

Head chef Ádám Mészáros took over the running of the kitchen two years earlier in 2016. Continuing the restaurant's philosophy of “Tradition and Innovation”. As such, the menu replicates exactly that, combining old traditional dishes. All of which is split between 2 main choices, one focussing on local produce, the other food from around the world.

Popular Food Choice: 6-course “Within our Borders” tasting menu.

Costes Hotel

In 2010 the hotel restaurant of Costes gave Hungary it’s very first Michelin Star restaurant. Since then, food tourism in Budapest has grown significantly during the past 10 years. However, if you wish to discover where the very best in Hungary’s fine dining started, visit Costes.

Portuguese born Miguel Rocha Vieira is the head-chef, who showcases a number of Hungarian classics throughout the menu. Although, these are elevated to fine-dining standards that make the most humble of more than worthy of the restaurant’s Michelin status.

Popular Food Choice: Fisherman’s Soup or Roasted Squab Pigeon.

Costes Downtown

Following the success of its sister restaurant, Costes Downtown joined the hotel’s prestigious Michelin Star ranking as of 2016. Run by fellow Portuguese chef Tiago Sabarigo, the restaurant follows a seasonal menu of Haute Cuisine.

If you’re lucky enough, try to book the chef’s table for the ultimate foodie experience with a view straight into the open kitchen.

Popular Food Choice: Grilled Octopus or Fish Massada.

Borkonyha Restaurant

The Hungarian wine selection at Borkonyha is just as impressive as its food. While Michelin Star Restaurants often have a slimline menu when it comes to eating, Borkonyha then has an incredible choice of almost 100 wines!

As such, it is no surprise that food and wine pairing is of equal importance. If in doubt as to which wine to order, don’t be afraid to ask. When it comes to the food, head chef Csaba Puskás is proud to serve elegant European dishes with some incredible ingredients.

Popular Food Choice: Mangalica Pork Cheek or Wagyu Flank Steak.

Stand Restaurant

This relatively new restaurant is run by chefs Szabina Szulló and Tamás Széll, who have gone on to gain celebrity status. The popular pair have derived a tasting menu that focuses on a number of traditional Hungarian dishes.

So if you’re going to try the likes of Hungarian Goulash or Fisherman’s Soup, what better place than thanks to a Michelin Starred chef.

Popular Food Choice: Goulash or Beef Tartar.


For somewhat of a more modern take on fine-dining, Babel is in Downtown is notorious for its presentation and Transylvania inspired menu choices. There’s also an entirely vegan-friendly tasting menu available.

Expect all the mod-cons from dry ice to water baths, but used to create the most elegant and incredible plates of food. The waiting list is due to both the restaurant’s Michelin Star and minimal dining capacity, allowing for truly personal service.

Popular Food Choice: Seabass or “Tojásos Nokedli”.

Food and Drink Experiences in Budapest

At tabl we have a wide selection of food experience in Budapest and throughout the world. During your visit, you may wish to combine your fine-dining with an insight into Hungary's emerging wine industry.

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