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Put the cookery books and the internet recipes away, because there are now many wonderful opportunities to develop your skills and find new meal ideas, using online cooking classes.

The pandemic has accelerated an already substantial ‘hunger’ for ways to use the internet for practical learning experiences and fun new hobbies and past times. Or even, to find online classes to advance career skills!

This has resulted in far more culinary schools creating ‘virtual classrooms’. Also, restaurants and top chefs have diversified and expanded what they do, to include new online cooking classes for all ages and abilities.

With such a smorgasbord of internet-based food prep guidance available - at a wide range of price points or free of charge - how do you make the most of an online cooking class?

How do I choose a cooking class?

This query links to another commonly asked question, ‘What are the best virtual cooking classes?’.

It all depends on the type of food you like to prepare and eat, and the level of complexity you want when learning to cook new dishes.

It’s important to be realistic and not go straight to highly advanced cooking classes if your current level of competence is likely to prove poor preparation. Whatever your reason for registering for cooking lessons online, this needs to be enjoyable and uplifting – not a total disaster that makes you feel woefully inadequate!

Making the most of an Online Cooking Class 1

Making the most of an Online Cooking Class

There are some great “How to….” Cookery classes online that teach basic kitchen skills. From the best ways to chop vegetables to preparing popular family favourites. These can build your confidence, and some demonstrate simple to prepare meals for when your lifestyle demands something quick and nutritious.

There are even field to table presentations you can ‘dig into’ if you want to gain a better understanding of the food you eat every day and the sources that top UK restaurants use.

If you prefer a more structured approach, and online cooking classes that stretch your abilities, then some of the top culinary schools now provide virtual lessons and demonstrations.

For some people, simply watching top chefs and food preparation experts ‘at work’ is both fascinating and inspiring. However, if you are doing an online class to learn advanced cooking techniques, be ready to focus and give the experience your entire attention.

Preparation is everything

The first rule of thumb when it comes to learning from the best teachers and chefs is not to let your passion for the end result distract you early on. You must get yourself ready for your virtual food preparation experience with some calm planning.

Take careful note of all the instructions provided by organisations that offer online cookery lessons.

When you find one you like the sound of, make sure you have all the ingredients and equipment needed, and all within easy reach before you start your lesson.

If it’s a Live cookery lesson online, make sure you won’t be disturbed, and that you are relaxed and ready to enjoy the process, no matter how successful the end result is! It’s sometimes all about the journey and developing new skills. Perfection takes practice in the kitchen.

Fortunately, there are also options to learn new cooking skills online that enable you to pause and rewind the lesson, so you can create new dishes at your own pace. Or, replay them multiple times to create the perfect meal.

Making the most of an Online Cooking Class 2

Can you do a cooking course online?

One-off lessons are great, but if this is your passion or a way to build skills for a career in restaurants, you may want to keep up the momentum with a full course.

Some culinary schools, restaurants and individual chefs provide stand-alone internet-based cooking experiences. You can choose a dish that inspires you – or a skill you would love to master – and sign up for an individual cookery class.

However, some national and international organisations provide a series of opportunities to develop your food and beverage skills. You can even find cookery courses online that result in qualifications, or at the very least accreditations that you can show to future employers.

Keep in mind though, that experience of working in busy kitchens with a team of restaurant staff will add considerably to any job applications you make after doing cookery lessons online.

How do online cooking classes work?

As this type of food preparation learning experience is so diverse, the way the lessons are delivered will vary too. As mentioned above, to maximise your online cookery class, you need to check what’s involved carefully before you begin.

Some classes are ‘Live cookery demonstrations’ that you watch, and others are Live cooking skills classes you participate in. The latter involves multiple learners signing up and all preparing the same dish, at the same time.

Other classes are pre-recorded and you can dip in and out to complete the dish whenever you want.

Whichever type of practical learning experience you choose, you will need your screen, laptop or tablet clearly viewable, but well away from heat sources or potential splash zones!

How do you start a zoom cooking class?

One of the great things about food – and the expanding opportunities to try new world cuisines – is that many people share the same passion and interest.

So, to make the most of an online cooking class, you may even want to create your own virtual lesson in food prep skills! Perhaps you or a friend have a dish or a cookery technique that is interesting and shareable?

Modern technology and options like zoom make this straightforward. Just invite a few like-minded friends to join in and make sure everyone knows the ingredients and equipment list (or the best places to buy them).

Also, manage the participants' expectations, and make sure whoever leads the class goes slowly and clearly to cater for anyone with less confidence or adroitness.

Where can I find online cookery classes?

For a great range of online cooking classes to choose from, visit our page on cookery schools, restaurants and chefs offering virtual classes and cooking experiences.

Making the most of an Online Cooking Class 3
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