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If you are a foodie visiting the North East of England, why not book food and drink experiences in Newcastle? After all, if it's your first time, there are some traditional Geordie dishes and delicacies that you simply must try! Geordie folk love their food –from Singin Hinnies to Pan Haggerty Potatoes.

Newcastle has many amazing restaurants, eateries, and food markets all with a food scene that is completely unique to Newcastle and the North East. Geordie cuisine is all about tasty, wholesome comfort food.

So, whether you are a local Geordie or just visiting the city, take a look at these local dishes that define Newcastle and the surrounding region’s cuisine. All of which can be tried on food and drink experiences in Newcastle.

Stottie Cake

The stottie cake was once a stodgy, doughy heavy bread that was cooked by working-class families and known as a local legend. Nowadays, due to up to date cooking techniques, the cakes are much lighter. Special mixers knead the dough to the correct texture, ready to hold a hefty filling. Egg and bacon are the usual filling for stotties, although anything savoury is equally delicious.

Pan Haggerty

Pan Haggerty is a large portion of layered potatoes, melted cheese and sliced onions roasted in the oven. The potatoes are crispy on the top and the whole meal is mouth-watering. On a cold winter’s day, this is the perfect hot filling dish to devour.

Pease Pudding

Pease pudding is an important North East dish and is best served on a Stottie smothered with butter with ham or gammon added. The pease pudding itself is made from cooking yellow split peas into a soft paste-like consistency. The cold leftovers can then also be fried similar to the ‘bubble and squeak’ idea.

Saveloy Dip

The Saveloy dip is very popular in the North East and can be eaten at any time of the day. It is basically a soft white bun (or stottie) smothered in butter and peas pudding, with added saveloys (beech smoked sausages that are delicious). They are then cut into two halves, and dipped in mustard with sage and onion stuffing. Finally, everything is then coated into a thick tasty gravy.

Chips and Gravy

Taking of gravy - this crucial Geordie comfort food that can be eaten alone or with other foods! Chips and gravy are loved by nearly everyone, and the dish is simple but mouth-watering. The dish is as it says – well-cooked chips covered in gravy. A popular treat to be enjoyed to soak up too many pints in the pub!

Singin’ Hinnies

Singin’ Hinnies is basically a Northern version of the classic scone. They are made using flour, baking powder, butter, milk and sugar. Then they are cooked on a flat griddle, giving it the name of ‘Singin’ as it sizzles. The Geordie name of ‘Hinnies’ is known as a term of endearment in the Newcastle area.


You will find floddies on breakfast menus in and around Newcastle. They are made from potatoes, onions and streaky bacon. They are then fried, making them a quick alternative to a full-blown English breakfast, and will definitely set you up for the day ahead.

Food and Drink Experiences in Newcastle

Our latest blog post also touches on some of the best places to eat in Newcastle. Alternatively, book food and drink experiences in Newcastle and discover the North East of England with a local guide.

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