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Romantic Venice food experiences are quite unlike anywhere else. After all, this is a city that’s almost entirely built on water, made up of over 100 separate islands. An Italian city where cars aren’t prohibited and the preferred means of transport is on foot or by a traditional gondola ride.

In order to experience the local food and drink, foodies should really embrace the relaxed way of life. Take a walk through the cobbled streets and find some of the more secluded eateries or sit alongside the canals with a glass of wine as you await your tour guide.

Local Food and Drink in Venice

Italy is much more than pizza, pasta and gelato, with the local food and drink in Venice being no different. In fact, some of the following dishes really do make Venice stand out compared to the likes of Naples and Florence.

Baccala Mantecato

This fish dish is very much part of the history of Venetian cuisine. Believed to date back to the violent storms of 1431. During which, a sailing ship was washed up onto the island of Roest. Where it’s believed the survivors lived off a diet of stockfish, preserved by the cold air. As a result, Baccala Mantecato itself is prepared with very few additional ingredients.

Venetian Shrimp

The native Venetian Shrimp (or “Schie”) is best found in the Venetian lagoon, often steamed over a plate of polenta. In what was once considered a poor man’s dish, Venice food experiences will prove this simple plate of food can be refined for fine-dining.


Food tours in Venice will often feature a range of Cicchetti, small plates offering a selection of popular dishes. These can act as a great introduction to Venice, either a sharing platter of local delicacies or bite-size samples to try on the move.

Sarde in Saor

Sardines, onions and balsamic vinegar, it’s a traditional combination for street food in Venice. It can often be quite overpowering but makes a great addition to a plate of antipasto.

Risi e Bisi

What once started off as a peasant’s dish is in essence rice and peas. However, if you’re looking for authentic Venetian cuisine it’s a must. Somewhere between a risotto and rich and creamy pea soup.


The popular biscuit can be picked up at almost any delicatessen or food market. Named after the island of Burano, the sweet treat is best dipped in a cup of Italian coffee.


If you’re visiting Italy outside the conventional tourist season, then the local Moleche crabs are best tried during the Spring. There’s a fine art to the harvest, collecting the crustaceans as they shed their shells, creating the most tender of shellfish.


Carnival season is a great time to visit for some of the best Venice food experiences. The carnival atmosphere is usually for 2 weeks during February, coinciding with Shrove Tuesday. Similar to fried doughnuts, Fritole pastries are often associated with the celebrations.

Venetian Wine

We wouldn’t be able to mention the local food and drink in Venice without acknowledging the Veneto wine region. In particular, wine tours from Venice give you a chance to meet the sommeliers and sample a bottle or two among the surrounding vineyards.

Spritz Veneziano

White wine spritzers are a refreshing way to order a glass of wine as an aperitif. However, rather than simply topping up with soda or lemonade, a Spritz Veneziano includes a dash of vibrant Aperol. Which is made with rhubarb and gentian flowers.

Food and Drink Experiences in Venice

Book your Venice food experiences with for an authentic taste of Italy’s romantic city. Where you will also find wine tours, food and drink tours, as well as authentic cookery classes.

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