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Tuscany is a region in Central Italy that has become known for its rolling hills, vibrant cities, and, of course, its delicious wine. It’s no wonder why so many visitors flock to the area each year to sample fine wines and take in the stunning scenery. Tuscan wine is some of the most widely recognized and appreciated wines in the world.

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With its diverse terroir, varied climate and diverse range of grape varieties, it is no wonder why it is highly sought after by many connoisseurs. Here are some interesting facts about Tuscan wine that will make you want to plan a trip there as soon as possible.

Tuscan Vintners Have Been Around For Centuries

The area of Tuscany has been growing grapes for centuries and making wine since at least Etruscan times. This means that Tuscany is one of the oldest winemaking regions in Europe, and one of the few with such long-standing traditions.

The first evidence of viticulture goes back to ancient Etruscan times and this tradition has been refined and perfected over centuries since then. The two most famous denominations that come out of this area are Chianti and Vernaccia di San Gimignano. Chianti is probably one of the most well-known Italian wines and is made primarily from Sangiovese grapes grown in seven subregions around Florence. This type of Tuscan wine has a rich ruby colour with floral and fruity notes on the nose and palate.

On the other hand, Vernaccia di San Gimignano comes from grapes grown in southeastern hillsides near Siena, where they have produced this unique white wine since 1200 A.D. Its flavour profile consists of citrus fruits, almonds, herbs, minerals and honey with a slight hint of saltiness on the finish.

Apart from these two famous appellations, other important reds are also produced in Tuscany such as Brunello di Montalcino and Morellino di Scansano which are both made with Sangiovese grapes but with different ageing requirements; while Supertuscan wines are mostly blends with international grape varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot blended into Sangiovese or other native varietals like Canaiolo or Colorino.

Modern Style White Wines

Recently Tuscany has seen an increase in the production of modern-style white wines from native varietals such as Vermentino, Trebbiano Toscano, Grechetto and Malvasia Bianca Lunga. These wines are becoming more popular due to their freshness and characteristically high acidity for food pairing options like seafood dishes or grilled vegetables; whereas traditional styles are still produced using more oxidative methods for more depth of aroma and structure on the palate – for instance, Vin Santo made from white grapes dried on mats before crushing them for fermentation into sweet passito style dessert wines.

Tuscan Wineries Are Often Family-Owned

Tuscan wineries are often family-run operations with generations of knowledge passed down from one generation to the next. Many wineries have been run by the same families for hundreds of years, which adds an extra layer of authenticity to their wines. These family-run businesses pride themselves on using traditional winemaking methods while ensuring that their wines remain up-to-date with modern tastes, creating unique blends that can only be found in Tuscany.

Quality Is Paramount In Tuscan Winemaking

When it comes to making wine in Tuscany, quality is always a top priority. The terroir (soil) and climate combine perfectly for producing high-quality grapes for use in their wines. There are strict regulations about both grape varieties and production volumes when it comes to labelling Tuscan wines so you can be sure you are getting a true representation of this region’s winemaking heritage when you buy a bottle from Tuscan vineyards.


Overall Tuscan wine culture is quite dynamic due to various microclimates found across the region allowing producers to experiment even further with new styles to satisfy different consumer preferences – all while respecting traditional values passed down through generations by making quality products that remain true to their geographical origin – a true celebration of Italy’s great heritage!

Wine Tours in Tuscany with

Whether you’re an experienced oenophile or just getting into wine tasting, visiting Tuscany’s wineries will prove to be an unforgettable experience thanks to its colourful history, family-run businesses, and high-quality standards for production. From Chianti Classico and Brunello di Montalcino to Super Tuscan offerings like Ornellaia and Sassicaia, there is something special waiting at every turn throughout this beautiful region!

So if you’re looking for your next great wine adventure, head off on a Tuscan tour with one of tabl’s Tuscany Wine Tours – you won't regret it!

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