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Many wine tours in Dubrovnik offer guided tasting sessions, allowing you to sample some of the best wines from Dalmatia's wine region. As you travel through vineyards, learn about local wineries, and enjoy their delicious creations, while gaining an understanding of how Dubrovnik has perfected its wine over centuries.

With so much history and culture behind it, exploring Dubrovnik's wine region is an experience unlike any other! No wine tour of Dubrovnik would be complete without sampling some of the delicious local wine!

Interesting Facts About Dubrovnik Wine 1

Interesting Facts About Dubrovnik Wine

From light and fresh whites to full-bodied reds, wine lovers will find plenty to enjoy in this region. Here are some interesting facts about Dubrovnik wine:

Dubrovnik wine is renowned for its quality and flavor, with some of the most ancient wine-making traditions in the world. It often boasts a unique terroir and contains many varietals found nowhere else.

One of the key grapes produced in the wine-making region of Dubrovnik is Plavac Mali, which is a unique grape variety that has adapted to the unique climate and attributes of the region. This grape variety is often blended with other grape varieties such as Postup, Tribidrag, Dingač and Rukatac giving it its distinctive flavours and aromas. The wine is beloved by locals and visitors alike for its smooth and fruity characteristics.

One of the most interesting facts about Dubrovnik wine is how it is made. Grapes are harvested in September and October, then lightly pressed and fermented with yeast in stainless steel tanks at a low temperature. This process helps preserve the unique flavours of the grapes while also creating a wine with a delicate taste. After fermentation, many of the wines undergo ageing in oak barrels where they develop their complex flavour profiles.

Interesting Facts About Dubrovnik Wine 2

Dubrovnik Wine Region

The area around Dubrovnik has ideal conditions for wine-making which includes fertile soil, a warm Mediterranean climate, good ventilation, and abundant rainfall. These conditions help create wines that are high in acidity but still have plenty of sweetness and body. Many vineyards have terraced hillsides which allow for maximum exposure to sunlight during the ripening process resulting in flavorful grapes for wine production.

Wine production in Dubrovnik dates back to the Middle Ages when wine was grown in vineyards surrounding the city walls. At that time, wine was primarily used for religious ceremonies or served to visit dignitaries as a sign of hospitality. Over time, wine production expanded throughout Croatia and even reached other countries such as Italy and France which purchased large amounts of it.

The wine industry continued to develop over time into an increasingly sophisticated business with well-structured regulations in place for producing quality wines. Although most wine production today takes place at specialized wineries outside of town, some winemakers still store their wines inside hotels or taverns along the old walls surrounding Dubrovnik’s city centre.

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Dubrovnik wine has been appreciated around the world for centuries. It is full-bodied and slightly sweet with a pleasant aroma, designed to compliment the local Dalmatian cuisine. Whether you’re looking to explore local wineries or just want to enjoy a glass of delicious wine while taking in views of the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik wine should definitely be on your list when travelling through Croatia! So why wait? Book a wine tour in Dubrovnik with tabl today.

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