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In the capital of Iceland, Icelandic food tours in Reykjavik are popular among foodies looking for some local culture.  The city is relatively modern with a great atmosphere, surrounded by snowy peaks and geothermal water pools.

Reykjavik's is also home to various cultural events throughout the year, including the infamous “Fun and Food Festival”. Welcoming celebrity chefs from around the world, who then work with some of Reykjavik's best restaurants, creating a food experience with only Icelandic ingredients.

Icelandic Food to Experience in Reykjavik

Book food tours in Reykjavik are among the best ways to get to know about the culture, through its traditional cuisine. So why not take a look at the top 10 local Icelandic foods to experience in Reykjavik:

Skyr (Icelandic Yogurt)

Skyr is a dairy product rather like Greek yoghurt or a soft cheese but with a much milder flavour. The locals usually eat skyr with milk or fruit. It is also enjoyable to eat with ice cream and a lighter version than cheesecake.
Icelandic Slow Roasted Lamb

Icelandic lambs do not eat grain or given any sort of growth hormones. They can roam around freely which means, their diet is wholly natural. The traditional Icelandic way to cook a leg of lamb is to oven cook it slowly for many hours, with local herbs.

Hákarl (Fermented Shark)

Hákarl is a very popular and traditional dish in Iceland. The shark meat has been cured using a certain fermenting process, and then it is hung outdoors to allow it to dry for several months. If you are new to this taste, then do pinch your nostrils as the smell is rather strong.

Icelandic Lamb Soup (Kjötsúpa)

This gorgeous lamb soup is an Icelandic delicacy. It is very popular amongst foodies and has been eaten in Iceland for many centuries. This super-rich, tasty soup is great to enjoy after sight-seeing on a long day. The lamp soup also includes potatoes, swede, carrots, leeks, onions and dried herbs.

Icelandic Fish

Iceland has a fabulous selection of fish on offers, such as Atlantic Catfish, Capelin, Cod, Dealfish, Greenland shark, Haddock, Halibut, Mackerel and Monkfish. There are also three salmon varieties that are found in the rivers and lakes, such as Arctic char, Atlantic salmon and Brown trout. Icelandic fish is extremely healthy and tastes superb!

Icelandic Hot Dog

You will probably have already heard about this very famous Hot Dog, as it has produced worldwide stardom! In actual fact, Bill Clinton said these Icelandic hotdogs ‘are the best hot dogs in the world’.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about; then do pay a visit to The Baejarins Beztu Pylsur which is a very popular hot-dog stand in the centre of the city. Do be aware you may have to wait in a long queue, but it is well worth it!

Rúgbrauð (Dark Rye Bread from a Hot Spring)

This is a traditional rye bread that is baked in a large pot or steamed in al wooden cask which has been buried in the ground next to a hot spring. The bread has no crust, is very dark brown and sweet-tasting. It is so tasty with dollops of butter, smoked salmon pâté, or with pickled herring and cheese.

Harðfiskur (Dried Fish)

Harðfiskur actually means hard fish and is an Icelandic delicacy that everyone just loves. It has been part of the Icelandic diet for many centuries. Traditionally, this Icelandic food is made from cod, haddock or wolfish. Which is then hung and dried in the cold North Atlantic air, so it can be cured by bacteria.

Bakery Food

Do not got to Iceland, without visiting a local bakery. Iceland boasts delicious bakery foods that you should definitely try. The famous being the Icelandic snúður, which is a soft cinnamon bun, with a delicious icing topping. Bakeries are an affordable lunch-time option if you want to eat whilst on the go!

Icelandic Ice Cream

Icelanders definitely adore their ice cream, even in winter. You will see it for sale at many petrol stations, cafés, and of course, in the special ice cream parlours around the city.

Many ice cream parlours are open until 1 am, and there is a really good selection with various delicious toppings.

Food and Drink Experiences in Reykjavik

If you are visiting Iceland, then enjoy the very best in Icelandic food with one of our food tours in Reykjavik. Where we have a variety of food tours, brewery tours, cookery classes and dining experiences to book online before you travel.

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