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If you're visiting Tuscany and enjoy a glass or two then let us help you select the best seasonal wine in Florence. After all, it's likely you'll want to try the best wines this beautiful region has to offer.

Seasonal wine is always a popular choice, both for locals and tourists alike. After all, they're made from fruit at their most bountiful and offer a perfect accompaniment to authentic dishes helping to showcase whichever ingredients are in season.

But how do you go about selecting seasonal wine? Continue reading this insightful guide to learn more or why not book one of our wine tours in Florence ahead of your travels?

What is a seasonal wine?

Just as we seek out seasonal recipes such as hearty stews in the autumn and light, crisp salads in the summer, many drinkers seek out seasonal wine to accompany their meals through the changing months of the year. When you drink seasonally, the wine in your glass is the amalgamation of both the time of year and the ingredients used to make that particular wine.

Why choose a seasonal wine?

There are many benefits that come with opting for a seasonal wine next time you're in Florence. Florence is a city renowned for its delicious, decadent food - which is why it simply makes sense to have the best and freshest wine alongside your plate. Seasonal wines are carefully curated to complement seasonal dishes, which means you optimise your dining experience.

For instance, crisper seasonal wines lightly refresh your palate when eating fresh salads in the summer, whilst richer seasonal wines enhance the experience of tucking into comfort food in the winter. The best seasonal wines flawlessly blend into your dining experience rather than sitting as a separate component on the side.

How do you select a seasonal wine?

Selecting a seasonal wine means taking a number of considerations into account. Many people assume the colour is all you need to think about when choosing a seasonal wine, but in cities like Florence that have an incredible cuisine scene, it's much more than that. Here's what you should keep in mind next time you're selecting a seasonal wine:


If you're in Florence for the spring, the main thing to remember when selecting a seasonal wine is that this is a transitional period between the hot and cold. This means you should select a wine that's neither too light nor too heavy; bright, fresh wines are recommended choices. Look for wines with a medium body with a textured edge, as this is a versatile choice suitable for the unpredictability of the weather.

White wines to consider in the spring include Verdicchio, Pinot Grigio, Chablis or Dry Riesling. Red wines to consider in the Spring include Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc.


Visiting Florence in the summer means you get to enjoy the hot weather of the city and enjoy eateries during the peak tourism season. As it's hot, much of the dining in Florence is in the form of picnics, al fresco and BBQs. To accompany this, look for a seasonal wine that's light and fresh to take the edge off the heat and not weigh down smaller dishes. This means that most seasonal wines in the summer are of the white variety rather than red.

Classic white seasonal summer wines in Florence include Sauvignon Blanc, Picpoul de Pinet, Albarino and Muscadet. Classic red seasonal wines include Beaujolais and Grenache.


Florence in Autumn is a beautifully mellow and quieter place as the peak season begins to fade away and the milder weather starts to set in once again. Autumn is the season where much of Florence's seasonal dishes turn hearty and filling, full of deliciously deep flavours. As such, choose fuller-bodied whites or medium-bodied reds; both of these are robust and perfectly compatible with deliciously roasted meats or succulent root vegetable dishes.

Autumn is also the perfect season to experience classic spicy flavours. White wines that are great for autumn include Rioja and Soave Classico. Great autumnal red wines include Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.


Winter in Florence brings with it the coldest months of the year. As such, many of the dishes served in Florence's dining establishments are full of depth and flavour. This is the time of year when seasonal wines mostly comprise of red varieties; a hearty, full-bodied red wine is a must for those visiting Florence in winter. Red wines with a high fruit density are great served with the meat-laden, fattier foods Florence is renowned for.

Seasonal red wines in Winter include Sangiovese, Syrah, Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon. If you still want a white wine, a great seasonal white wine in Winter is the creamy-in-texture Chardonnay perfect for chicken dishes and other roasted white meats.

Select Season wine in Florence with tabl.

By joining a tasting session in Florence or booking one of our Tuscany wine tours, you can sample the very best seasonal wines first-hand. Not only that but with a wide range of food and drink experiences, cooking classes and wine tours, tabl. has it all.

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