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For those who are new to the world of wine tasting in Barcelona, you may have never even considered the concept of seasonal wines.

This means different wines that align best with each of the four seasons, depending on taste and flavour. Most European cities or regions like Barcelona will have specialist wines that are only available or drank seasonally.

When exploring Barcelona, you might want to try out some of the best wines of the season, but not have a clue where to start. This is where wine tours and experiences with tabl. come in.

How to Select Seasonal Wine in Barcelona 1

How to Select Seasonal Wine in Barcelona

In this latest article, we dive into how to select seasonal wine in Barcelona with a little help from our expert writers.

What denotes a seasonal wine?

Put simply, seasonal wine refers to drinks that align and are commonly drunk and produced in either spring, summer, autumn or winter. While taste has a big part to play when deciding on seasonal wine, colour also comes into the equation. For example, many paler wines are considered to be summer or spring wines, whereas darker wines are reserved for colder winter months.

The texture of the wine is also taken into consideration, with lighter and crisper drinks reserved for summer days, and heavier, thicker options kept for winter. It is also thought that lighter wines help to quench thirst during the height of hot summer, whereas heavier wines pair well with the comfort food of autumn and winter.

How to Select Seasonal Wine in Barcelona 2

Find below a seasonal guide to wine, to help you make informed choices when travelling abroad in cities like Barcelona:


During summer a huge focus is placed upon crisp, white whites. These prove the most refreshing to drink and also pair well with the lighter foods we lean towards during the warmer months. Paler, white wines also tend to have a lower alcohol level, meaning that you remain more dehydrated on particularly hot days.

Some popular seasonal summer wines include Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Albarino and Muscadet. Rose is also an incredibly popular option during summer, and are a sweet and refreshing option after a long day walking around Barcelona.


Winter is when red wine has its chance to shine. These wines are considered especially warming and pair well with the heavier comfort foods most people feel drawn to when the cold sets in. Many of the flavours and notes of red wine complement those found in classic winter foods.

When taking a winter stroll or walking tour through Barcelona, you might want to sample a glass or two of Priorat. This red wine is one of the most sought-after in the city and a must-have on your next trip.


When it comes to springtime wines, what you're really looking for is versatility. Put simply, you want a wine that can cope with both the mixture of chilly and warm days commonly found in Spring.

As for how to settle down for the night in Barcelona, no Spring evening is complete without a classic glass of Cava.


The signalling of autumn means that the evenings around Catalonia are about to get shorter and the days colder. Seasonal Autumn wines also need a fair amount of versatility, to keep you warm on those chilly evenings.

Here you would recommend you're best opting for a local darker rose that provides a fresh, yet warming, sweetness.

How to Select Seasonal Wine in Barcelona 3

Sample seasonal wines in Barcelona with a wine tour

Choosing wines while abroad can feel like an overwhelming experience. Not only may you have to think about the language barrier, but you might not be pre-versed on the best local and seasonal wines available to you.

Luckily, there are a wealth of wine tours and experiences that make finding the best seasonal wine easier than ever. Take a look below at just a few of the wine experiences in Barcelona that are available through

¿Wine Not? Wine Drinking with Barcelona city views experience

If you're a wine newbie worried about the ponce of a typical wine tour, then the perfect option for you is the ¿Wine Not? Wine Drinking with Barcelona city views experience. This laid-back and relaxed alternative to a studious vineyard tour will allow you to enjoy a whole range of wines including some of the most delicious season picks from the Barcelona region of Spain.

Your useful guide will be on hand to give you all the knowledge you need when it comes to selecting seasonal wines, making for a tipsy yet informative day out!

Wine Tasting & Tossa de Mar

Take a trip through an authentic wine Spanish wine cellar to sample some of the most sought-after seasonal wines with the Wine Tasting & Tossa de Mar experience. This is the perfect adventure for a group of wine-loving friends, taking you on a full tour of the coast and making boozy stops in between to sip some wine and sightsee.

With this particular wine tasting experience, it's the ideal way to introduce yourself to some of the best seasonal wines in the region.

Wine getaway with spa experience

What could be better than sampling some seasonal wine and getting spa treatments? Not much, we think! The Wine getaway with spa experience is perfect for couples looking to make their trip to Barcelona extra romantic and special.

This immersive trip to the Penedès region will make your holiday more memorable than ever. Treat yourself to a vast selection of the most delicious seasonal wine from within the region, all while receiving a number of spa treatments on offer to you.

Choose from a selection of massages and beauty treatments to help you feel fully relaxed on your romantic getaway in Barcelona.

Seasonal Wine Tours in Barcelona Made Simple

There's no easier way to try out some of the best seasonal wines that Barcelona has to offer than with a wine tour and experience.

tabl. takes all of the stress of holiday planning out of your hands with a vast range of experiences to book prior to your trip. All the time keeping your whole holiday party busy and entertained. Take a look at our website and book your next wine tasting tour in Barcelona today.

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