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Everyone knows that when you head to New York, you're in for a culinary treat. The Big Apple is one of the world's greatest cities for foodies, with a huge variety of restaurants, takeaways, cafes and food vans serving up classic New York dishes and international cuisines.

But most of the dishes that New York is best known for - pizza, pretzels, hot dogs, cheesecake - are not the healthiest of choices. It might seem tricky for health-conscious foodies to eat well in New York, but that isn't the case. Such a huge, vibrant city has something for everyone, and there are plenty of health-conscious eateries available.

What Healthy Food is there in New York?

So what is a must eat in New York if you're looking for healthy options? Here are our favourite health-focused spots that you should be sure to visit next time you're in the city.

Dive into the bone broth trend

Brodo Broth Shop is where the bone broth health craze of 2014 started. Not only is bone broth packed full of nutritious bone marrow, which is purported to support digestion, immune function and joint health, but it's also the ultimate comfort food for a chilly day or when you're feeling under the weather. At Brodo, you can choose from a range of broths, including chicken, beef and turkey, and add toppings like Moroccan spiced butter, seaweed and chilli oil to maximise flavour.

Nourish your brain at Honeybrains

The menu at Honeybrains has been developed with the help of neurologists and nutritionists to ensure it offers maximum nutritional value for the brain. Each dish is carefully curated to contain plenty of healthy ingredients that are scientifically proven to support brain health. Plus, the food is simply delicious. Expect lots of high-quality fish, steak, legumes and vegetables mindfully put into fresh, tasty and satisfying dishes.

Get guilt-free pizza

If you want a taste of New York pizza without the guilt, try Oath Pizza on the Upper East Side. Their pizzas are fully customisable to allow you to be as indulgent as you want to be. There are plenty of vegan and gluten-free options available so that nobody has to miss out on incredible pizza no matter what their dietary needs are. Oath's pizza dough is grilled and seared in avocado oil, giving the crusts a light, airy texture with a lovely crunch on the outside.

Make your Asian food clean and organic

Souen is an Asian-inspired restaurant that cooks up natural, organic dishes free from dairy, wheat, sugar, preservatives and meat. The menu focuses on macrobiotics, which means each dish is carefully put together to provide the perfect balance of natural nutrition. It's a clean-eating experience in a bright and peaceful setting and the perfect place to satisfy your Asian food cravings while optimising your health.

Find balance with Ayurvedic cooking

Divya's Kitchen is inspired by traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine, which involves eating food compatible with your body to balance your health. Everything on the menu is vegetarian, and there are plenty of vegan options to choose from. Expect an array of delicious and nutritious dishes such as vegetable curry in cashew sauce, roasted vegetable bowls, spinach and cheese cutlets, superfood salads, and seasonal khichari, a bowl of tasty rice and lentil stew.

Go organic and ethical with your burgers

Bareburger is designed to deliver all the satisfaction of an indulgent burger with none of the guilt. They make all their meat burgers from lean, grass-fed, hormone-free and antibiotic-free proteins such as bison, turkey, elk and beef, and there are lots of plant-based burger options available for vegetarians and vegans. Even the buns are made from sprouted grains for extra health benefits.

Try colourful Sushi for maximum nutrients

Beyond Sushi is a restaurant renowned for its vegan Sushi, packed full of healthy vegetables and plant-based ingredients. However, since its establishment in 2012, the restaurant has expanded its menu to include a huge variety of plant-based dishes, including bao buns, nori tacos, jackfruit crab cakes, tortellini and cheesecake, to name just a few. Although originally inspired by Japanese cuisine, Beyond Sushi's menu now has an international influence which means there's something for everyone, whether they're vegan or not.

Sample naturally nutritious Middle Eastern cuisine

12 Chairs Cafe is an incredibly popular Middle Eastern restaurant that serves authentic and healthy dishes prepared with high quality, fresh ingredients from local markets. All of the dishes are homemade to order for ultimate freshness, and you'll find some delicious Middle Eastern favourites such as baladi eggplant, shakshuka, hummus and babaganoush. This is the perfect spot to enjoy healthy food that doesn't feel like health food, and it has a wonderfully relaxed atmosphere for a cosy lunch or casual dinner.

Try a plant-based butchery

The Butcher's Daughter is a vegan cafe that pitches itself as a 'vegetable slaughterhouse'. Fresh vegetables are chopped, filleted and carved up the same way that a butcher would handle meat to prove that high-quality veggies are the star of the show. This is a brilliant place for non-vegans to introduce them to the world of plant-based cuisine; they definitely won't miss meat after trying the daily-changing menu.

Get extra nutrition in the form of dessert

Playa Bowls is the best spot in New York to grab a tasty acai bowl packed full of superfoods like pitaya fruit, coconut, chia seeds, and kale. There is a whole host of toppings to choose from, including nuts, granola, dried berries and nut butter, and with vegan, gluten-free, keto and paleo options available, it's a brilliant spot for a sweet fix no matter your dietary needs.

Take a food tour for even more healthy New York eats

With so much food and a wide choice of restaurants to try in New York, knowing where to go first can be difficult. A brilliant way to see the very best eateries is to take a food and drink tour with a local. Preferably someone who is in the know about the top healthy restaurants and cafes if you're looking for an alternative to fast-food.

At tabl. we have collated the best New York food and drink experiences so that you don't have to. Search online today and book in confidence.

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