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San Sebastián, the provincial capital of Spain's Gipuzkoa region, stands as a culinary haven that can rival any other on the planet when it comes to what food to eat in 2024.

If you have a deep appreciation for food, then the Basque country is a must. When it comes to delivering the best in gastronomy San Sebastián offers everything from local tapas to exquisite home-cooked meals and Michelin-starred fine dining.

By 2024, the culinary landscape of this enchanting Basque community will flourish with an abundance of skilled local chefs, each exuding an innate passion for their offerings.

Food to Eat in San Sebastián in 2024 1

Food to Eat in San Sebastián in 2024

Below is a selection of the best food to eat over the upcoming 12 months, including classic local favourites alongside modern dishes that elevate forgotten ingredients.

Explore the local market for breakfast

Begin your day with breakfast at San Sebastián's traditional food market nestled in the charming Old Town. Indulge in the delectable delights of jamón, succulent local Bonito tuna, and vibrant seasonal vegetables.

Check out the stacks of vibrant green guindilla peppers and savour the delicious samples of tangy local artisanal sheep's milk cheese, Idiazabal. This cheese is crafted following an age-old recipe and proudly bears the DO (protected designation of origin) label, a nod to its Basque Country origin.

The market's fresh produce takes centre stage on the breakfast menus of bars throughout the town. Chefs make daily visits to hand-pick the finest local Gipuzkoa delicacies.

Delicious lunch options to explore in San Sebastián

Fresh Anchovies

The waters of the Cantabrian Sea are where you'll find the most exquisite anchovies. Treat yourself to a delectable luncheon and relish the exquisite taste of grilled anchovies. Visit a Basque eatery or savour them in a "gilda", a delectable pintxo featuring an anchovy, olive and locally-grown "guindilla" pepper on a skewer.

Alubias de Tolosa

San Sebastián is famous for its bean production. Many restaurants offer delightful lunch experiences, including the local speciality Alubia de Tolosa. Small black beans, cooked in a simple vegetable broth and traditionally served with cabbage, morcilla, and guindilla peppers. 

Talo with Chistorra

Talo is the Basque version of a soft corn tortilla, similar to the Mexican staple. It's commonly eaten for lunch and enjoyed with the local favourite, chistorra. A thin Basque sausage, similar to chorizo, is a staple in San Sebastián's pintxo bars and restaurants.

Food to Eat in San Sebastián in 2024 2

Dinner options in San Sebastián

Grilled Octopus and Beef Cheek

Delight in the tasty flavours of a classic culinary masterpiece - piquillo peppers gracefully filled with succulent beef cheek, accompanied by the tantalizing allure of grilled octopus. 

Suckling Pig

Experience the culinary sensation that is set to captivate taste buds in 2024. Picture an open kitchen, where a succulent suckling pig, complemented by quince sauce and veal sweetbreads with apple, takes centre stage. 

Steak and Prawn

Skewers adorned with succulent prawns, generously coated in a tantalizing garlicky salsa. Complemented by tender morsels of charred solomillo steak, nestled within a slice of bread, alongside a vibrant green chilli pepper.

Food and Wine Tours in San Sebastian in 2024

Start your new year with a culinary adventure sampling the best food in San Sebastián. With the help of our exceptional team, tabl. is here to provide for your every need! Connect with us through live chat or drop an email to [email protected]. Learn more about how San Sebastian has earned the title as the food capital of the world with our recent blog here.

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