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For a long time, the Dubai food scene and Emirati cuisine were rather understated in the United Arab Emirates. However, Dubai food experiences have now started to change, with the many new exciting restaurants opening all over the city. From unusual bread and cakes to Arabic coffee and camel burgers.

Before an increase in food tourism, the Dubai food scene wasn't at fine dining restaurants but found in Emirati homes. It wasn't so much that eating out wasn't popular, but more a case of there wasn't really the options.

This is now completely different, as Dubai has established itself as a fabulous cosmopolitan city. Offering tourists a host of authentic eating experiences and a true sense of the modern food scene in Dubai. This means that Middle Eastern cuisine is now attracting a much wider international foodie market.

About the Dubai Food Scene

Discover the Dubai food scene for yourself, by making a food and drink tour part of your holiday. Alternatively, take a look at the best restaurants and Dubai food experiences below and book online:

You cannot visit Dubai without pre-booking a table at Gordon Ramsey’s Hell's Kitchen at Caesars Palace! This is Gordon Ramsey’s latest fabulous restaurant, where an open kitchen offers a top dining experience. Inside the restaurant, it is just like being on the hit TV show, and you will feel as though you are on the set of Hell’s Kitchen.

Some of Ramsay’s best dishes include Eggs in Purgatory, Beef Wellington, and a wicked Sticky Toffee Pudding! There is an extensive a la carte menu with plenty of starters and desserts to suit everyone.

For gorgeous exciting Emirati cuisine - visit Aseelah, a wonderful fine-dining experience that offers traditional dishes such as Samak, or local fish in gravy. Or why not try a contemporary dish such as camel stew.

Another amazing place to make a reservation is at Logma, a modest cafe that gives a delightful twist on local favourites like the breakfast staple chebab.

This is a traditional Emirati bread similar to a pancake. Then there is a superb dessert called Luqaimat (deep-fired dumplings with sugar, honey or date syrup).

Celebrity Chefs in Dubai

Dubai also boasts a number of superstar chefs who have got to the top spot in the city. One of them is Singaporean chef Akmal Anuar, who was originally the head chef at the award-winning European restaurant Iggy's.

The chef is now hosting the modern Asian restaurant, 3 Fils. Here you can enjoy their sushi specials and delicious grilled seafood while admiring the Jumeirah Fishing Harbour.

An absolute great mobile eatery is called SALT and one to check out. It is a simple burger joint that is parked permanently at Kite Beach. The halal wagyu sliders are particularly popular.

If you’re looking for a delicious local dessert, visit Mirzam, which has opened its factory for visitors to enjoy tasty chocolate recipes.

Defy gravity and enjoy a wonderful meal at Dinner in the Sky, which can be found at famous skydiving venue Sky Dive Dubai. You can enjoy a three-course lunch or dinner menu served at your table. Only you're table is suspended 50m up in the air by a crane!

If you are not a lover of heights, then why not dine ‘underwater’ at Al Mahara. This a restaurant that requires a smart dress code, and where diners will enjoy a lavish environment seated inside an aquarium.

Dubai food experiences

Try out Dubai’s street food and choose from Syrian, South Indian, Russian and Thai dishes. This can be found along the kilometre-and-a-half road strip in the quaint district of Satwa.

Another great place is a Lebanese restaurant called Al Mallah, which was once a small juice joint. However, Al Mallah now serves a wide selection of food and drink. Try the shawarmas (meat roasted on a rotisserie or spit) and manakeesh (a Levantine dish containing dough topped with thyme, cheese, or ground meat).

If you adore coffee – you can get your caffeine fix in Dubai with a tour of the Dubai Coffee Museum. Which is located in the heritage area of Al Fahidi. Learn about the rich history of coffee and the roasting process. Afterwards, sit and relax with a cup of Gahwa, the amazing Arabic coffee.

The Dubai Food Festival is normally held in February and another fantastic insight into the city's food scene. The festival is all about al fresco food, with food trucks offering sumptuous beach food. Not only that, but visitors can enjoy cooking workshops or fitness classes. All taking place on the wonderful Jumeirah Beach.

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As you can see, the Dubai food scene is thriving with a diverse mix of restaurants and experiences. Perfect for the international foodie, there's a Dubai food experience for everyone.

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