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When you think of your dream trip to Barcelona, a Champagne and Chocolate experience may not be what you had in mind - but it certainly won't disappoint.

Although why would you choose champagne and chocolate when Barcelona has impressive Gaudi architecture, La Sagrada Familia, the Gothic Quarters, famous Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria? Not forgetting, of course, the iconic Las Ramblas for a whole range of food and drink experiences in Barcelona.

Champagne and Chocolate in Barcelona

So what if we were to tell you that just 45 minutes outside of the beautiful city of Barcelona lies the most tantalising chocolate and champagne experience set against a magnificent countryside background?

From organic Cava to chocolate made with love, here's everything you need to know about living the champagne and chocolate experience on your trip to Barcelona.

Cava experience in Barcelona

Sant Sadurni de Noya (or Sant Sadurni as the locals refer to it) is a picturesque town on the outskirts of Barcelona. At first glance, it may seem like a quiet, unassuming town. But what lies within is vineyard after vineyard of family-owned wineries that produce some of the best Cava in the world - yes, just as good as the French Cava of origin itself! In fact, the vineyards in this one small town make up approximately 90% of cava production in Spain!

Starting from the train station, you'll find yourself almost immediately face-to-face with your first vineyard. And what do you know? It's only the world-famous cava brand FREIXENET! As you continue to delve deep through the town you'll find more and more vineyards to tour such as Solà Raventós, Recaredo and Gramona.

At each vineyard, you can explore the grounds and taste their beautifully fermented cava straight from the barrel (most vineyards will require you to book in advance to take the tour and tasting). You'll be able to experience cava the way it was intended, with experts there to teach you how to appreciate this fine drink and savour the experience.

What else to expect on your Cava tour...

You'll go deep into the cellars to see how cava makes its journey from the vines to the barrels, giving you first-hand insight into what it takes to make incredible champagne that complements any special occasion. And of course, you'll be tasting the cava (if you're lucky you may taste a selection of cavas on offer at the vineyard) to consolidate the end of the cava-making process and experience the reward that comes with such a long process.

Some vineyards even pair up with local cheese makers and butchers to provide a unique tasting and pairing session that will leave you wanting more every time!

Of course, each vineyard will vary in what they offer during your experience - but you can guarantee that no matter which vineyard you choose to tour (we recommend doing at least three to get the full experience - how often are you going to be surrounded by so many award-winning cava vineyards?!) that you'll take away memories for life!

There are also plenty of restaurants around town for you to dine at that will have local cava available to pair with your menu del dia.

Speaking of food, we cannot talk about Sant Sadurni without mentioning chocolate…

Chocolate experience in Barcelona

Sant Sadurni is home to the incredible chocolate museum, Simón Coll.

This historic chocolate factory has been producing some of the country's finest chocolate since 1840, so it's fair to say they know exactly what they are doing when it comes to luxurious chocolate production.

As with the cava vineyards of the area, the Simón Coll chocolate museum is also open for visitors to tour the site and taste test a variety of the chocolate they have on offer.

The Espai Xocolata Simón Coll (Simón Coll Chocolate space) is the main teaching room at the factory. Here, you'll learn everything it takes to make perfect chocolate from cocoa bean to chocolate bar.

At Simón Coll, it's all about immersive learning experiences. For example, in their Espao Xocolata, they use innovative audiovisual montages to show you exactly what it's like to be in a cocoa plantation, growing these aromatic beans and choosing the best beans to cultivate and turn into chocolate. You'll understand exactly how much work goes into every single bite of your chocolate before it's even processed at the factory!

The museum also runs through an interesting timeline of how chocolate production has changed over the years since they first opened their doors in 1840, solidifying their reputation as chocolate-making experts.

Chocolate factory tour...

After the fascinating lessons in the Espai Xocolata, you'll take a tour of the factory, where glass windows allow you to see the factory process in real-time.

And of course, at the end of the tour comes the moment you've been anxious to arrive at - tasting the chocolate! But not just any chocolate, oh no. Freshly made chocolate straight from the factory floor. Can you imagine anything more delicious?

And to top it off, the Simón Coll onsite chocolate shop houses a wide array of chocolates including experimental flavours that cannot be found anywhere else in the world! This means you can bring back some to enjoy with your loved ones so they can experience a sliver of the magic that you did, too.

With so much chocolate and champagne to be experienced in the gorgeous town of Sant Sadurni, taking a day trip is a must!

That way, you can leisurely stroll through the town, soaking up the sun, sights and cava, enveloping yourself in the warmth of the town.

Book a Champagne and Chocolate tour in Barcelona

Whether you're looking for a romantic day trip or a family activity - you can't go wrong with a champagne and chocolate tour. And when you buy a guided tour, you'll have a curated itinerary that ensures you get to see and experience the best that Sant Sadurni has to offer.

So what are you waiting for? If you're planning a food and drink-inspired trip to Barcelona, make sure to plan a day trip to Sant Sadurni and take a delicious champagne and chocolate tour.

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