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Within the capital of Thailand, Bangkok street food tours are a fantastic way to discover much more than just Thai cuisine. Food tourism is a big deal in Thailand, with street food playing a major part in the local culture.

In fact, many restaurant standards in Thailand originate from the streets, with noodles and rice often the starting point for a decent meal. Even the chefs of Bangkok’s fine dining restaurants can be seen trawling the “floating markets” alongside street vendors to purchase their ingredients.

About Bangkok Street Food

There are quite literally 1000’s of street food vendors in Bangkok, each of which often focussing on their own speciality dish. That’s just one reason a street food tour is such a good idea for a first-time visit. As you can let your local guide decide where to get your array of dishes, rather than searching the streets yourself. After all, with so much choice, you could easily be overwhelmed by the whole situation or get caught out merchants aimed at the tourist market.

If you are going it alone, then it won’t take long until you come up against your first option. So, where do you start? Popular regions for street food in Bangkok include Chinatown (Yaowarat), the historic neighbourhood of Nang Loeng and the Phra Nakhon district.

It’s always good to remember that authentic Bangkok street food originated in the family home. As such, you may well find the best dishes hidden away off the beaten track.

Popular Street Food in Bangkok

If you’re a foodie that’s already familiar with Thai cuisine, then there are a number of standard dishes you will find back home.

Pad Thai noodles, for example, can be found on many a takeaway menu.

However, for an authentic experience, they won’t taste quite the same as being cooked on the streets of Bangkok. The same can be said for a hot red Thai curry. Although if you are a curry fan, pladuk phat phet is a version quite like any other, made with fried catfish.

Sometimes even the simplest of dishes make for the best street food in Bangkok. Hainanese-style chicken can be purely made with chicken and rice, albeit with added spice. Meanwhile, Som Tam (Papaya Salad) can be found throughout Bangkok and even fried insects are considered a tasty snack.

Bangkok Street Food Tours available on tabl.

Each of which giving foodies a chance to sample the delights found on every corner. Including boat rides through the floating markets and walking tours enjoying a lunchtime feast. You will get the chance to sit down with the locals, sampling the very best in Bangkok street food. Just as the people of Thailand do every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Food and Drink Experiences in Bangkok

What better way to enjoy food and drink experiences in Bangkok than with a knowledgeable local guide. Choose from Bangkok street food tours, cookery classes, food and drink tours, activities and experiences with Discover real food, by real people.

10 Types of Food You Should Try in Bangkok

The great thing about Thai cuisine is the variety available, after all the food you should try in Bangkok doesn’t just begin and end with rice and noodles. Read this article 10 Types of Food You Should Try in Bangkok and find out what you could be missing!

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