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Japan is full of ancient traditions and with our authentic drink experiences in Kyoto, you can enjoy the local culture first hand. After all, as well as modern brewery and distillery tours, tea ceremonies can transport you back 100's of years.

In fact, Japanese tea ceremonies can be traced back to the early 9th century and the Buddhist Monks. With green Matcha tea served for medicinal purposes, the religious and spiritual preparation that goes with it has become symbolic of Japan. Remaining an integral piece of both Japanese history and daily rituals throughout the country.

Authentic Drink Experiences in Kyoto

Below we have selected a handful of Japanese tea ceremonies, distillery tours and other drink experiences in Kyoto. All of which designed to give you an insight into both authentic Japanese culture and its modern party scene.

Tea Ceremony Experience in Kyoto (1 hour)

This authentic tea ceremony will help you understand the local culture by providing an introduction to an ancient Japanese ritual. Here you can enjoy Japan's unique artisan teas and the healing powers of matcha.

However, unlike many drink experiences in Kyoto, this particular ceremony has been fully certified by the Kyoto Tourism Association. As unlike similar experiences, your host is a fully licensed teacher and widely-acknowledged as a "tea master".

Osaka Sake Tasting Tour in Umeda (3 hours)

As well a chance to discover Umeda, here you can enjoy one of Japan's famous alcoholic drinks. Sake can be considered rather potent, however, appreciated in the right surroundings it's a taste to be savoured.

Your friendly guide will show you the Osakan style of Sake on a tour of 3 authentic local Sake bars. Where you will learn all about the distillery process and enjoy a selection of food pairings.

Kyoto Bar Hopping Night Tour (3 hours)

Experience the nightlife like a local; visiting some of the very best bars! The tour will take you bar-hopping along the backstreets of Pontocho. Along the way visiting an authentic Izakaya bar (local tavern) on one of the most vibrant night-life streets in Kyoto.

You can enjoy plenty of drinking and food tastings, as we travel along the backstreets of Kyoto. Experiencing yakitori or sashimi washed down with a cold beer.

Osaka Bar Hopping Night Tour In Namba (3 hours)

Another great bar hopping night tour, this time within the secret bars in the Namba area. One of the highlights of this drink experience is Hozenji Yokocho Alley.

As not only will it give you an insight into the history of Osaka, but you'll be able to meet the locals who help make this the "party city" of Japan.

Kyoto Sake Brewery and Tasting Tour (3 hours)

Rather than taking to the streets, some of our drink experiences in Kyoto visit where it all begins. Here guests can enjoy a tour of Kyoto's major Sake brewery district and the Kyoto Sake Museum.

During which there are three different types of Sake tasting on offer. As such, helping you to appreciate the various aromas and flavours. There is also plenty of time for a stroll through the local neighbourhood while paying a visit to the local cultural hotspots.

Authentic Kyoto Drink Experiences with tabl.

So whether you're looking for a night out at the local bars or one of the more sedate Kyoto drink experiences, book online with As well as brewery and distillery tours, we also have a range of Kyoto food tours and cooking classes available.

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