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While Belgium food and drink tours are always popular, our alternative beer tours in Brussels focus on the city’s most celebrated export.

After all, local beer in the city can be purchased at many of the bars and breweries, as well as in the supermarkets or if you have the right contacts - directly from the monasteries!

In the late 18th century, monks fleeing the French Revolution arrived in Belgium and set up their first brewery near Antwerp in 1836. For a beer to have a Trappist label, it has to have been produced in a monastery. Although nowadays you'll find the likes of Westmalle Trappist in many authentic bars and restaurants.

Alternative Beer Tours in Brussels 1

Alternative Beer Tours in Brussels

Food and drink experiences in Belgium will no doubt offer the very best beer the country has to offer. However, our alternative beer tours in Brussels not only take you to the local bars, but also take in some sightseeing along the way.

Brussels: Beer City Exploration Game and Tour

Discover a walking tour that will take guests to the most famous bars and places to drink within the heart of the city. Learn everything about Belgium beer and much more, such as related stories to a secret underground river!

Immerse yourself in 19th-century Brussels, as you travel between various bars for an alternative beer tour that includes some great tips on where to go out drinking. There's plenty to take in along the way, including an insight into the recipes and history of the country's thriving beer production.

Brussels Old Town: The Capital of Beer City Exploration Game

Another take on the Beer City Exploration Game takes you to the Brussels Old Town as you follow clues to help discover a range of different bars. All the while, without any map, GPS or even a tour guide! Allowing you to enjoy the experience at your own pace and as you solve the clues, a secret story is unlocked.

Discover the most beautiful city square in Belgium and the magnificent Grand Place. Visit the bar where you can drink literally thousands of beers. Find out where Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte and French poet Charles Baudelaire liked to hang and much more.

Alternative Beer Tours in Brussels 2

From Brussels: Bustling Louvain, University Flair, Beer and Architecture

Although we've included this one within our alternative beer tours in Brussels, it in fact takes place outside the city. The tour officially starts within Brussels, but ventures into the fairy tale land of nearby Leuven.

As one of the oldest university cities in Europe, brilliant minds and international researchers are hard at work. This medieval region of Belgium is just so impressive and fascinating, with stately university buildings everywhere. The tour will introduce you to the architecture, but don’t worry as there's plenty of beer involved too!

Alternative Beer Tours in Brussels with

Let us take you on a fun journey to indulge in the best Belgian bars and taverns with our alternative beer tours in Brussels. Alternatively, we also have a number of other food and drink experiences available here, many of which include their own taste of locally brewed favourites.

Traditional Belgian Food

Belgian cuisine is extensively varied and made up of diverse influences from French, German and Dutch cooking. Although even with its background in flemish traditions, modern and innovative gastronomy in Belgium has been on the increase. Read this article Traditional Belgian Food

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