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If you love Italian food, then our Abruzzo cooking classes are ideal for those of you visiting the picturesque region. Although the gastronomy of Abruzzo may well be one of Italy’s little-known treasures, foodies welcome the chance to delve into simple dishes made with local ingredients.

As well as freshly caught fish from the Italian coastline, there’s also a large quantity of lamb, mutton and mountain goat meat. Along with wild mushrooms, truffles, rosemary, garlic and locally sourced olive oil. All of which are regularly used in the delicious local cuisine. After all, Italy isn't just about pizza and pasta.

Abruzzo Cooking Classes

Enjoy one of our relaxing Abruzzo cooking classes and immerse yourself in an amazing food experience. One that introduces you to authentic flavours and techniques, many of which have been passed down through the generations.

The Realisation of Cecio Ripieno

During this one-hour cooking class – you will learn how to make the Ceci Ripieni an authentic Abruzzo popular Christmas dessert. Afterwards, enjoy the fruits of your labour with a delightful hot punch!

Put our Hands in Pasta

This three-hour cooking class is held at the Di Tullio farm, and here you will enjoy making super fresh pasta. You will be taught how to make the fresh dough and learn the top secrets that go into making the various types of pasta.

Cooking Experience in The Heart of Abruzzo

Here you will discover how to create this polenta dish in an artisan way (it was once cooked in a copper pot with a wooden pole). In the three-hour class, you will enjoy transforming traditional methods of cooking to the new modern kitchen.

The venue takes place in the honourable courtyard in the very heart of the village, which still contains an ancient lever press dating back to the 1600s. There is also plenty of time if you are into taking food photography to take many photos. Afterwards, enjoy the fruits of your labour with the lunch made up with the fresh polenta.

Private Cooking Class with Lunch or Dinner in Chieti

Discover the hidden secrets of Chieti's cuisine, and learn how to cook in a local home that will give a true insight the Italian culture. With your Cesarina, get to know just how to prepare three local and traditional recipes from scratch.

Be welcomed into the local family and enjoy the excellent food and wine. This is much more than a cooking class. Dining with the family at lunch or in the evening all washed down with some delicious wine!

Private Market Tour and Cooking Class with Lunch or Dinner in Pescara

Enjoy life as an Italian local - visit the colourful market and the traditional food shops with your own Cesarina and then enjoy a cooking class at the Cesarina’s home. You will learn all about the hidden secrets of the famous local cuisine.

During your lesson tricks of the trade will be revealed whilst you enjoy preparing the meal. Afterwards, enjoy all that you have prepared, of course, accompanied by a selection of local wines.

Abruzzo Cooking Classes with

If you're a foodie visiting this stunning region of Italy, why not sign up for one of our Abruzzo cooking classes. After all, the only way to learn to cook authentic traditional food is to try it yourself!

Alternatively, if you're not travelling to Italy this year, join one of our online cooking classes. Where you can experience great cooking from your very own kitchen.

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