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Bangkok is the most populous city in Thailand, as well as being its capital. Over the past couple of decades, the city has become a major player in the tourism stakes, becoming increasingly popular within the food and drink industry.

As well as being particularly popular with backpackers in search of experiencing different cultures. Because of this, there are many things to do and see in Bangkok, with lots of local delicacies also available for visitors to try. Why not browse our guide below to find out more?

A Guide to Bangkok Food and Drink

Here is our guide to the best experiences in order to discover the best food and drink in Bangkok.

Where to stay in Bangkok

One of the most important things to do when planning a trip abroad is to find out where to stay. Bangkok has a range of different accommodation on offer, including hotels, B&Bs, apartments and hostels, so there should be something for every budget.

New Siam II

New Siam II is a hotel in the Banglamphu area of the city - once considered a bit of a rough area, it's recently been renovated, with lots of cultural sites also located nearby. This is a small hotel with lots of charm to it - the rooms also contain things such as safes and cable television, with a fantastic restaurant and pool also being located on-site.

The Grand China Hotel

The Grand China Hotel is located in Chinatown, as the name suggests. This is a hotel for those with slightly larger budgets, with it having an elegant feel to it. It's the only hotel in the entire city to have a revolving restaurant, making it a must-visit for this reason alone. The hostel also has a pool and a leisure centre and offers traditional Thai massages, meaning that visitors will be sure to feel pampered in no time.

Bed Station Hostel

Bed Station Hostel is a hostel, for those wanting more of a traditional backpacker experience. It's located in a very central location, just right for those wanting to explore the cultural and culinary delights of the city. Free WIFI and breakfast are offered for all guests, with an onsite café also available.

What to see and do in Bangkok

As well as the local attractions, for a real foodie there's plenty more to see and do to experience an authentic Thailand.

Food tours

Like any big city, Bangkok has a selection of food tours available, allowing foodies to sample some of the tasty offerings available in the city. The Wonderful Pearl Dinner Cruise is a luxurious cruise down the Chao Phraya River, showing tourists the beautiful skyline of Bangkok. As well as the lush sights on offer, a huge buffet dinner is available to eat, with food served from a range of Thai and international dishes. Music is also played on the boat, with cruise-goers able to dance along to the live band after eating.

A more traditional style of food tour in the area is the Bangkok Midnight Food Tour By TukTuk, which features a local guide taking tour-goers around a range of street food eateries in the city after dark in a TukTuk. The very nature of the tour means that you will get a very personal experience, as well as being able to try a range of different foods and some local beers.


Bangkok has a range of different markets for visitors to go to, with many of them selling food, as well as a range of crafts, clothes and homeware goods. Chatuchak Market is the biggest market in Bangkok, although it should be noted that it's usually only open at the weekend. The market has over 15,000 stalls, making it one of the largest markets in the world, meaning it's a must-see for anyone visiting the city. Just about anything you can think of is sold here, with a huge range of different foods and restaurants/cafés also available.

Another must-see market in Bangkok is the Neon Night Market/Downtown Night Market. This is one of the newer markets available in the city, having quite a central location. The market is held at night, with things such as clothing and jewellery available for purchase. It also has a fairly large street food culture, making it a great place for tourists to sample some of the local delights. Seafood is particularly popular here; there is also a large bar area towards the back of the market for those wanting a drink.

What to eat in Bangkok

Like any other large city, Bangkok has a huge array of foodstuffs to try, many of which will be new to travellers coming from outside of Asia.

Tom Yum Soup

Soup is quite popular in Thailand as a whole, with Tom Yum Soup being a particular speciality. This soup has quite a sour/spicy taste to it, so it won't be for everyone, but those wanting to try something a little different should check it out! It can be found at most restaurants in Bangkok, but one particular favourite is Krua Apsorn in the old district.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai has become quite popular outside of Thailand, being perhaps the most famous Thai dish in the world. The ingredients will differ slightly depending on where the dish is served, but it usually consists of stir-fried noodles with things such as beansprouts, egg, prawns, peanuts and tamarind sauce added (again, this can differ depending on where it is consumed). Pad Thai can be found in most areas in Bangkok, but Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu is one fantastic place to try it.

Som Tum

Som Tum (meaning Papaya Salad) is a Thai dish that originates in the rural North-East of the country. However, it has become fairly popular in other areas of Thailand, particularly in Bangkok itself. It's a spicy dish that uses bits of unripe papaya mixed with things like tomatoes, chillies, garlic, tamarind and a whole host of different ingredients - again, this is something that will differ slightly depending on where it is consumed. Both Thai restaurants and street food vendors will sell Som Tum - examples of places to try it include Somtum Bangkok and Somtum Der, a chain restaurant serving the dish.

Food and Drink Experiences in Bangkok

If you're planning a trip to Thailand, then why not book one of our food and drink experiences in Bangkok? Including food tours, dinner cruises, cooking classes and much more.

Fine Dinning in Bangkok

If you’re planning on experiencing fine dining in Bangkok, you'll soon discover there's more to Thailand than its delicious street food. Read here for an introduction to fine dinning in Bangkok.

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