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What to See and What to Eat in Athens

Greece is one of those destinations that everyone has to visit in their lifetime, and once you do you will find you just can’t stay away. When looking for something authentic to eat in Athens, you'll find the local cuisine in abundance.

Athens is the capital city of Greece and was considered to be the heart of ancient Greece. As such, it has a powerful history and is still dominated by incredible landmarks and things to see from as far back as the 5th century BC.

If you are looking for a holiday destination that is filled with unforgettable food, awe-inspiring architecture and a myriad of beautiful places to stay, look no further. Here is a guide to Athens before you go.

Where to stay

There are many different hotels in Athens and the type you go for will depend on whereabouts you want to stay, who you are going with and what you want to get from your trip. There are a few different areas of Athens that it is recommended you stay in and these are Plaka, Syntagma, Monastiraki, Psirri and Kolonaki. These neighbourhoods are all known for being safe, near to the main action and having plenty of restaurants and cafes nearby for you to enjoy. Each of these areas features many different hotels.

You can find luxury boutique hotels, larger resorts and more, depending on what you are after. Perianth Hotel is a fine example of a stunning luxury hotel, whereas the City Circus Hostel is better if you are on a budget but still want something cool and quirky to set as your base. Make sure you look at reviews ahead of time to find a hotel that people recommend and don’t be afraid to ask questions to fellow travellers should you need advice.

What to see

There are so many things to do on your trip to Athens that you are spoilt for choice. While it can be a good idea to just walk around and see what you come across, it's also recommended that you have a rough plan of what you want to see so you don't miss anything important. Here are some of the landmarks of Athens that you can't miss.

The Acropolis

One of the most incredible things that you have to visit on your trip is the Acropolis. This was inhabited since 5000 BC and sits on a hilltop overlooking the entire city. There is also the Acropolis museum that will give you a more detailed insight into what it used to look like and how daily life was.

The Parthenon

The Parthenon is another must-see attraction and is also a historical ancient ruin. This is the symbol of Hellenic civilization and is a stunning piece of architecture. You can either take yourself around the magnificent site or complete a tour depending on your preference. The Partheon is dedicated to the goddess Athena who was considered a patroness to the Ancient Greeks and is a truly impressive piece of architecture to visit on your holiday.

The National Archaeological Museum

During your trip to Athens, don't forget to check out the National Archaeological Museum, which features a great insight into the architecture of Athens over the years. With many impressive artefacts to look at, information to read and statues to look at, it is an ideal place to spend a morning or afternoon wandering around and soaking up all the history. If you are in Athens at the peak of summer, museums such as this are also a great spot for getting out of the sun during the hottest part of the day.

Panathenaic Stadium

Seeing as Greece was home to the very first modern Olympic games, the Panathenaic Stadium is well worth a visit. It is the only stadium in the world that has been built entirely of marble and as such is a truly marvellous spectacle to behold. The stadium is known locally as the Kallimarmaro Stadium and was built on the original stadium spot that had been left abandoned by the 4th century. The restoration in 1869 means it still holds an interesting history. As well as it being the final venue for the Olympic flame handover, it is also the finishing point for the annual Athens Classic Marathon.

A guide to the food and drink in Athens

There are so many places to eat and drink in Athens that, no matter if you are a foodie or not, you will be left spoilt for choice. Be sure to head to Ta Karamanlidika which is a food market packed with mouthwatering meats to sample. For traditional Greek style coffee brewed over hot sand in a copper beaker, Cherchez la Femme is a real must and, if you are after a traditional Greek Kebab then Kostas is well worth a visit. For a Michelin star meal, you need to head to Funky Gourmet, a restaurant that encompasses science with fine dining and a Greek twist.

Drink wise, there are many you can choose from. Whether you are looking for a lively bar to dance to until the early hours with your friends, somewhere to catch up with your family or a romantic spot to sip cocktails with your other half, you are sure to find just what you are looking for. We recommend heading to Ale Blues to try their range of beers, Brettos Bar and 7 Times if you are looking for something a bit more lively. MoMix Molecular Mixology Kerameikos is another brilliant spot where you can expect the unexpected! No matter the sort of night out you are looking for, or if you just want a soft drink at the end of a long day exploring, there is something to tick all the boxes here in Athens.

Food and Drink Experiences in Athens

This guide should help make your next trip to Athens that bit easier and more exciting. Try to put together an itinerary before you go so you can ensure you don’t miss out on seeing one of the major landmarks or getting into a restaurant that you really want to eat at. If you are looking for more inspiration, why not browse our range of food and wine tours available in Athens?

Is Athens vegan and vegetarian friendly?

Greek culture is renowned for its meat-centric cuisine, however within Athens vegan and vegetarian friendly dishes are becoming ever-popular. Read more to find out how vegan and vegetarian friendly Athens is

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