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With so many collaborations, small batches and limited-edition releases, it’s difficult to keep track of all the new craft beers are launching this year! As such our brewery and distillery tours are a fantastic way to get some inside knowledge.

Especially given the growing popularity of the market place, along with an increase in micro-breweries. Then, of course, there’s understanding when craft beer is just another pint of ale and when it’s something that little more special.

8 New Craft Beers Launching in 2020

Here at, we’ve searched for some of the best new craft beers in 2020. Below we have just a very small selection, although this is always subject to change! Not to mention any that have yet to be announced.

Some of the best new craft beers currently available include:

    • Thornbridge - Shelby IPA
    • Warburtons - Toasted Crumpet Session IPA
    • Fermenterarna - Fruit Train
    • Robinsons – Day of the Dead
    • Beavertown – One of Our Own
    • Two Roads - Expressway
    • Staggeringly Good – Spared no Expense
    • St Feullien - Quadruple

With the above list, we have combined recently released craft beers with those due to hit the shelves imminently. Trying to cater for all tastes, including the session drinker and those that like to experiment with different flavours.

Some of these companies are also mentioned in our 12 Best Microbreweries in Europe blog.

Alternatively, by taking one of our brewery and distillery tours you can find out about even more new craft beers!

Thornbridge - Shelby IPA

Following the huge success of BBC’s Peaky Blinders, this is a beer likely to become hugely popular as part of its novelty factor. However, unlike the Sadler Breweries “Peaky Blinder” range, Shelby IPA by Thornbridge is the only craft beer fully endorsed by the show.

In order to gain true authenticity, Shelby IPA goes further than just the name and a novelty label adorning the pump. While it may not be in keeping with modern new craft beers, Shelby IPA is one for the more traditional beer drinker. Inspired by the golden ales available back in the early 1900’s, an era in which Peaky Blinders is set.

Warburtons - Toasted Crumpet Session IPA

Another IPA thanks to a name that has been around for many years. Although this time producing something to appeal to the modern craft ale drinker, in collaboration with beer producers Toast Ale.

While malt barley has been a long-standing ingredient for beer, this unique tasting beer takes its maltiness from crumpets! The beer itself is a 4.2% brew, with a freshness that makes it nice and smooth to drink.

What’s more, it cuts down on food wastage, the crumpets used being leftovers taken from Warburtons very own production line.

Fermenterarna - Fruit Train

Another of the new craft beers that appeal to the more modern beer drinker, Swedish brewery Fermenterarna have produced this fruity concoction. Cherry beers have always been a staple among craft beer fans, however, this introduces a whole host of other fruits.

In particular passion fruit, raspberries and blackcurrants, all combining with a touch of saltiness for a beautiful modern sour. This is a beer that at a reasonable 4.5% manages to pack a punch when it comes to flavour.

Robinsons Day of the Dead

Among the first of many musicians to team up with craft beer companies was the British rock band Iron Maiden. It’s a collaboration that’s worked on a number of levels, resulting in a whole sub-range of beers from the Stockport based brewery.

The latest of which, being that of the Day of the Dead which will again be released to the global marketplace. Adorning the pump will be the instantly recognisable Iron Maiden mascot of Eddie, overlooking this fine beer.

Beavertown – One of Our Own

There’s been an increase in musicians and other artists getting involved in the craft beer market. By putting their name and logo to a beer of their choice. Often as a way of supplementing an otherwise difficult regular income.

However, with One of Our Own, the Beavertown brewery has collated with football club Tottenham Hotspur. The fact Beavertown have been a huge influence on the craft beer market it should come as no surprise this one has gone down particularly well.

Although it shows a nod towards that of the classic British IPA, it’s manufactured with hops from mainland Europe.

Two Roads - Expressway

In days gone by the USA was only really known for light beers, however, Americans themselves started to grow fond of those available abroad. As such the USA has seen a growth in the production of new craft beers.

This example from Two Roads taking coffee beans from Ethiopia/Sumatra mixed with an oatmeal stout. Resulting in a deliciously rich dark beer, one with a very strong coffee taste to it.

Staggeringly Good – Spared no Expense

This new offering from the ever-growing micro-brewery Staggeringly Good is an impressive 8.1% double imperial ale. Having recently launched it is one of the best new beers in 2020 so far, available locally or to buy online.

It’s both rich in flavour, yet with refreshing and tropical undertones. Something that plays to the citrus origins of the Staggeringly Good Brewery.

St Feullien – Quadruple

While not one for the faint-hearted at 11% this is a beer to be savoured. It comes straight out of Belgium, the home of great beer and of great course chocolate.

St Feullien is a brewery that’s been around since the mid-1800’s, as such comes with years of experience. Expect this to be served with a decent head, while tasting of caramel, toffee and dried fruits, as well as a sweet maltiness.

It’s also important to note that when it comes to craft beer, keep an eye on your local brewery or any local pubs that offer a wide selection. Likewise, for the ultimate craft beer fan, try downloading the popular phone app “Untappd”. Which will enable you to stay on top of new craft beer releases, as well as joining a community of drinkers that share their ratings., Discover Real Food by Real People…

If you’re interested in trying new craft beers in 2020, then why not join one of our brewery and distillery tours. Alternatively, book tickets online for a variety of beer festivals around the world. With a number of local guides, food & drink experiences and special offers, you could soon be enjoying a craft beer almost anywhere in the world.

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