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When visiting Corfu, you’ll find some of the best restaurants in Greece for authentic and traditional local food. As well, of course, as some popular fine-dining experiences. As such, food tours in Corfu are a fantastic destination for any self-proclaimed foodie.

Just off the mainland of Greece, restaurants in Corfu thrive off the tastes from the Mediterranean Sea. Influenced too by Venetian flavours, Corfiot cuisine will often add its own touch, making the most of produce available upon the island.

5 of the Best Restaurants in Corfu

To some, the best restaurants in Corfu are those bars and cafés along the beach close to the fishing boats and the sounds of the sea. Alternatively, others prefer restaurants that have hit the headlines within the wider food tourism press. Either way, when it comes to dining out on the island, there’s a wonderful choice available.

As well as the below choice of restaurants, why not book one of our food tours in Corfu? Where you're helpful guide will let you know their own personal choice of where's best to eat.

The Venetian Well

Overlooking the picturesque Kremasti Square, this restaurant takes its name from the very well that stands as the square’s centrepiece. This is gastronomical fine-dining, combining age-old traditions with modern techniques.

The restaurant provides a romantic experience, ideal for couples looking for the best restaurants in Corfu for a celebration.

We personally like the sound of the Monkfish. Which comes served with vegetable beetroot mouse and a luxurious Bottraga Caviar lime air.

Pomo D’Oro

Another high-end restaurant in Corfu is that of Pomo D’oro, providing diners with a twist of modern Greek cuisine.

Owned by Chef Aristotelis Mengoulas, the restaurant has achieved a lot in a very short space of time. Having achieved both local and international recognition.

An array of intriguing dishes await, including a cockerel pastitsada, wrapped in a pastry Kataifa, normally associated with sweet dishes.

Cavalieri Hotel Roof Garden

The views from the Cavalieri Hotel Roof Garden are worth booking a table for alone. In one direction there’s a skyline of Corfu’s Old Town, while face the other way and you’ll see the fishing boats bringing in the days catch.

It’s worth noting, the restaurant is usually only open during the main holiday season. So if you’re looking for a quiet time, try and book during the first week of June or towards the end of September.

Old Fortress Restaurant

As the name suggests, the Old Fortress Restaurant is in one of Corfu’s main attractions. The ancient monument dates back to the early days of the 15th century.

Although in modern-times, as well as attracting tourists from an historic perspective, there’s much more to experience. While the café provides a quick stop for a coffee or a lunchtime bite to eat, it’s the restaurant itself that provides very much a traditional menu.


You can’t have a more authentic dining experience much closer to the sea than at Maistro. Book a table and you’ll soon benefit from the sea breeze.

There’s a vast selection to choose from on the menu, but we’d recommend sticking to the traditional Greek dishes. As for the best time to visit, how about watching the sunset over the beaches of Acharavi? If you plan your visit for Tuesday nights, then you’ll be entertained by live Greek music and dancing.

Food and Drink Experiences in Corfu

Choose from food tours in Corfu, cooking classes, wine tasting, private tours and experiences. A wide range of which are available online, when you search with

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