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Below we pick out a handful of the key food and drink awareness days for your diary. While some Food and Drink Awareness Days are celebrated throughout the world, others are often promoted by more regional food experiences.

There’s something for everyone included here, from becoming a vegan foodie for the month to celebrating Thanksgiving. With a whole host of other days dedicated to the likes of sandwiches, chocolate, gin and in several cases, just food in general.

2020 Food and Drink Awareness Days

With so many dates to choose from, we’ve divided the calendar into the three quarters. Picking 3 main food and drink awareness days and food experiences for each month.

Food and Drink Days, January to March

    • Veganuary
    • Chinese New Year
    • National Butchers Week

Veganuary – 1st January to 31st January

While for many becoming vegan is a conscious lifestyle choice, others choose to try it out for a month first. In part, it goes hand in hand with detoxing following over-indulging during the Christmas period.

It’s heavily promoted globally and in particular the vegan community, in order to raise awareness of a potential lifetime without meat products. Although, if you're thinking of planning your holiday at the same time, here are the best countries to visit if you're vegan.

Chinese New Year – 25th January

While not strictly food and drink, family mealtimes are an important part of the Chinese culture. As such a visit to China for New Year is a fantastic time to become a food tourist, within a welcoming community.

Alternatively, if you’re not planning a holiday to China, it’s an excuse to try out the local takeaway or book into a Chinese restaurant.

National Butchers Week – 9th March

Celebrate local produce with National Butchers Week. As the larger out of town stores provide home deliveries and supermarket chains continue to open smaller stores for our convenience, it’s easy to forget the independent shops.

As such, support the resurgence of your local butchers throughout the year, not just for butchers week. Although it’s certainly a good week to buy some higher quality produce, giving you the opportunity to trace your supplies from field to plate.

Food and Drink Days, April to June

    • World Health Day
    • British Sandwich Week
    • World Gin Day

World Health Day – 7th April

Healthy food isn’t just about preparing salads, eating fruit and getting your 5 five a day. It’s much more exciting, with a wide range of options available to keep you energised from the moment you get up in the morning.

That’s why World Health Day is recognised as an international day, to educate and promote healthy eating throughout the globe. The awareness day is lead by the World Health Organisation, an establishment by countries within the United Nations.

British Sandwich Week – 17th to 23rd May

Just as the title suggests, British Sandwich Week celebrates everything you can place between 2 slices bread and much more besides. The humble sandwich is an iconic staple of lunch boxes up and down the country, but one that can be elevated to another level.

Where you can enjoy a quick cheese and pickle sandwich made at home or a French-influenced Croque madame in your local café. Alternatively, feel inspired by new ideas and ingredients thanks to some of the top British chefs that help endorse sandwich week.

World Gin Day – 13th June

As you may well have noticed, there’s been a sudden influx within the gin market during recent years. It’s no surprise then, that the alcoholic spirit has been giving its own international day of recognition.

You only need to step foot inside your nearby off-license or head out for a night on the town to discover an array of choices. What’s more, the bespoke market place has resulted in a number of smaller distilleries, looking to get a piece of the action.

Food and Drink Days, July to September

    • World Chocolate Day
    • International Beer Day
    • British Food Fortnight

World Chocolate Day – 7th July

It doesn’t matter if you’re a chocoholic or just treat yourself to the occasional snack, after all, who doesn’t enjoy the taste of chocolate? There’s so much variety out there too, but cocoa is also far more versatile than you may realise.

As such, World Chocolate Day is dedicated to everything chocolatey. For the real connoisseur that includes cooking with chocolate in both sweet and savoury dishes. As well as decadent homemade desserts and some of the finest chocolate from around the world.

International Beer Day – 7th August

Since 2007, the globally recognised International Beer Day has grown to be celebrated in over 200 countries worldwide. Bringing people together to enjoy a pint or two down their local, as well as larger beer festivals showcasing ales from nearby breweries. Organised pub crawls and brewery tours are also high on the agenda during International Beer Day.

It’s something that’s increased tenfold in the last few years too, whereby the craft beer market has seen a growth in micro-breweries. Many of whom produce small batches of intriguing blends, ready to sit alongside the popular flavours of mainstream brands.

British Food Fortnight – 19th September

Coinciding with the Harvest Festival, the British Food Fortnight is a celebration of all things food-related within Great Britain. It’s the chance for anyone within the British food industry to come together and promote home-grown produce.

As well as food festivals and events up and down the country, the fortnight is a fantastic opportunity to bond with fellow foodies. Not only from an eating and drinking perspective but also in order to connect with food bloggers, potential clients and end customers.

Food and Drink Days, October to December

    • World Food Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Christmas Day

World Food Day – 16th October

The international Food and Agriculture Organization was launched by the United Nations in 1945. It has since gone onto to be supported by a series of events throughout the world.

As part of a much wider concept, World Food Day has supported such campaigns as “Feeding the world, caring for the earth”. With a particular focus on climate change and sustainability.

Thanksgiving – 26th November

One of the most important festivities in the United States of America, friends and family join together to give thanks. The national holiday is a food and drinks awareness day that gives blessing to the harvest.

During which, Thanksgiving Dinner itself is at the heart of the celebrations. While a traditional celebration, to some it’s a religious affair and a time of reflection. Meanwhile for others, it's a chance to get the family together during the holidays. All of which culminates in a great feast, to be enjoyed by all.

Christmas Day – 25th December

The last of our food and drink awareness days is celebrated all around the world. Although Christmas isn’t officially a foodie experience, it is a time of year when food and drink is important.

It may be where to host the Christmas works outing or who to invite for dinner on the big day. With so many people to cater for, maybe it’s time to consider something different to the traditional roast turkey and roast potatoes?

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