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Join one of our food tours in Barcelona and discover where to get the best paella. As well as the ever-popular Spanish tapas and much more.

Barcelona is a gorgeous colourful seaside city with plenty of history, culture, and wonderful architecture. It is also well-known for attracting food tourism, due to its vast selection of bars and restaurants. Barcelona also has a long history of celebrated Catalan cooking, including authentic traditional meals, such as rich, hearty paella.

By taking a tapas tour of Barcelona, you can discover more about this fascinating city. Such as its amazing architecture, some of which can be traced back over 2000 years.

The amazing Gothic quarter is a fantastic area for food tours in Barcelona. As well as old-fashioned bars and popular restaurants, the Gothic Quarter houses open plazas with 14th-century cathedrals. In other areas of the city, there are sculptural works of art, alongside intricate creations by the architect Gaudí and his Catalan counterparts.

The Best Paella in Barcelona

Paella is a wonderfully delicious rice dish, often made with a mixture of fish and meat. Although, it is a dish that is easily adaptable to your dietary requirements. As such, the best Paella in Barcelona will often come with vegan or vegetarian options on the menu too. Which makes our food and drink experiences in Barcelona suitable for almost any dietary requirements.

Although a staple at any Spanish restaurant, finding a truly authentic paella can be challenging. Its often advisable to avoid the more tourist areas, such as Las Ramblas or near the Sagrada Familia. Therefore, we take a look at some of the places where you really can get some of the best Paella in Barcelona.

Arosseria Xativa

This is a great restaurant to get the best paella in Barcelona. Although somewhat off the beaten path, it's certainly worth the effort.

but boasts two places, one in Gracia and one in Sants that focus specifically on rice dishes and paella. There are absolutely plenty of dishes to choose from, so you will get something to your liking. The menu is marked up for allergies, which is really good if you prefer your meal to be gluten-free. Also, you do get a real wooden spoon to enjoy your paella!


Pez Vela is actually located on the Barceloneta beach, so you may think the food would be tourist focussed. However, unless you're a foodie, this isn't the case, as the authentic dishes are really popular among the locals. Pre-book a table and try and sit out on the terrace, where you can enjoy beautiful views out to sea.

7 Portes

This amazing restaurant started serving its famous Paella Parellada (which means rich man’s paella) back in 1940’s and today this is still their traditional speciality. 7 Portes has always been extremely popular with high political figures, writers and artists. It was actually frequented by Alexander Flemming, Salvador Dalí, and the infamous Pablo Picasso!

It is one of the best places to eat paella in Barcelona and is also wee-known for making the perfect Paella every time. They serve various different types of Paellas, such as meat, vegetarian, fish and soup-consistency paellas, so you will be spoilt for choice. Due to its vivid history and perfect Paella, 7 Portes is extremely popular. As such, it is highly recommended you make a reservation well in advance.

La Mar Salada

This gorgeous restaurant is an amazing seafood heaven in Barcelona. All the various fishes are sourced from a local fish auction, which you can taste in the flavours across all dishes they serve. The beautifully fresh seafood makes their Paella definitely extra special. One of their famous dishes is the black rice served with cuttlefish. The menu changes along with the season, so you will be guaranteed only the very best seafood throughout the year.


This authentic restaurant was started by the Iborra family who needed to share the flavours of their own native town Elche that is situated in the Alicante province. Their wonderful menu offers a broad range of traditional Paella. The paella dishes include meat, fish and noodles, along with authentic Mediterranean meat and seafood dishes.

They also have an impressive wine list and the passion of the Iborra family, along with 50 years of experience, means you will not be disappointed.


This is quite a new restaurant and opened in 2013, since then it has attracted a lot of visitors who have been highly impressed with their authentic paella dishes. Contrary to the old-style paella which is mostly based on seafood, the house speciality served at Barraca is vegetarian Paella. Their mission is to serve fresh, light and healthy dishes – which is absolutely yummy! To add to all this, you will enjoy splendid views of the beach of Sant Sebastia, making it the perfect place for a relaxing lunch.

Restaurant Cheriff

This delightful restaurant is hidden away from the busy hustle and bustle of the city. As soon as you enter, you will feel the authentic and homey atmosphere. It is a traditional family owned restaurant that is named after the founder and has been passed down through generations.

The local people claim Restaurant Cheriff serves ups one of the best paellas in the whole of Barcelona. As such, if you are after an authentic paella, the Cheriff is well worth a visit. The dishes all boast seafood that is made from freshly caught fish. As you would assume, it does get very busy with the locals, so do ensure you book in advance.

Can Majó

Can Majó has been in Barcelona ever since 1968, when La Barceloneta was just a mere fishing village. One of their outstanding dishes and also highly recommended by Can Majó staff is the delicious mouth-watering Lobster Paella (Caldero de Arroz con Bogavante). This sumptuous lobster Paella is really rich in flavour with appetizingly fresh seafood. Enjoy it with a glass (or maybe a bottle) of dry wine and sit on their terrace that overlooks the quaint seafront.

Paella Bar Boqueria

This is one of Europe’s biggest food market, and lots of different fruits, vegetables, meat and fish. All through this famous market are various stalls and bars selling a good range of food and snacks. So, if you fancy eating some traditional paella in an unusual setting Paella Bar Boqueria is the place to visit.

Also, if you would like to know how to make unique paella, there is a paella cooking workshop that takes place in the centre of the Boqueria Market.

Discover Real Food by Real People...

If you would like to try some of the best Paella in Barcelona, book a food tour or experience online with We have a range of food tours in Barcelona, along with authentic food experiences and activities, from tapas tours to cookery classes.

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