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With an array of fine dining and Michelin-Starred restaurants in Rome, there’s certainly a varied choice when it comes to booking the very best.

As a traveller passionate about food and drink, you’ll no doubt adore the concept of high-end Italian cuisine. However, as well as serving authentic local dishes, many of the best restaurants in Rome will often serve flavoursome combinations from throughout the Mediterranean.

Where to Find the Best Restaurants in Rome 1

Where to Find the Best Restaurants in Rome

If you wish to eat alongside famous celebrities or dive into the favourites among well-established food critics, then you’re in the right place.

In fact, several of our personal choices contain a selection of prestigious, Michelin-starred restaurants in Rome. All of which come guaranteed to bring élite cuisine direct to your table with a high standard of customer service.

La Pergola (IA Cadlolo 101, Rome, 00136)

This 3-star Michelin restaurant is regularly voted the best restaurant in Rome. It can be found inside the stunning 5-star Rome Cavalieri Hotel, as you take in view across the city from their panoramic roof garden.

Chef Heinz Beck offers Mediterranean cuisine at its absolute finest, using only the best-quality creative combinations. Here you'll be wined and dined within impressive and luxurious surroundings – what more can be said!

Where to Find the Best Restaurants in Rome 2

IL Pagliaccio (Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 129/a, 00186 Rome)

This amazing 2-star restaurant is situated near the beautiful River Tiber within the very heart of the city. The chef is Anthony Genovese, who blends innovative creations and classic specialities but often with a French twist.

The restaurant has something to suit everyone, including delectable meat and fish dishes alongside plenty of food and drink options for vegetarian travellers. The setting is absolute serenity and gorgeous dimmed lighting. Ideal dining in Rome for any romantic couple!

La Tavola, Il Vino, La Dispensa (Aldrovandi Hotel, Villa Borghese, Rome)

This restaurant has been recently opened by Oliver Glowig, a famous German chef with 2 Michelin Stars to his name. The restaurant offers his trademark Italian creativity as well as inventive and ultra-fine Mediterranean-Italian cuisine.

Oliver serves delicious creations that include scampi with artichoke and burrito cheese among its most popular dishes. As well as luxurious saffron-scented lobster tails, with black lentils and cocoa beans. A fabulous place for serious diners who love their seafood.

Where to Find the Best Restaurants in Rome 3

Marco Martini at the Corner (Viale Aventino, 121, 00153 Rome)

This unique and amazing restaurant is only a ten-minute walk from the famous Colosseum on Viale Aventino. Recently awarded a Michelin star, the young chef Marco Martini is more than just an up-and-coming talent.

Everything cooked here represents seasonal produce, styled in the tradition of Roman cuisine but with a gourmet twist. As for the ambience, the restaurant's dining room has an eclectic mix of styles and a terrace/lounge ideal for succulent aperitifs.

Per Me Giulio Terrinoni (Vicolo del Malpasso, 9, 00186 Rome)

Set in a gorgeous setting with outdoor seating looking out upon a local cobbled street makes for one of the best restaurants in Rome for an authentic experience. However, this Michelin-Starred kitchen goes far beyond your everyday Italian classics, thanks to the talents of chef Giulio Terrinoni.

The menu offers amazing dishes such as their infamous roasted cuttlefish with Jerusalem artichokes served Roman style, with mint oil and Pecorino cheese. Although for a full blow-out of fine-dining, we highlight recommend trying their awe-inspiring 10-course tasting menu!

How to Book the Best Restaurants in Rome?

It may be you prefer a certain style of Italian cuisine or somewhere that comes with fantastic views of the city and an unforgettable ambience. Likewise, you may prefer modern haute cuisine rather than the classics of Italy or likewise a selected menu that combines it all.

Wherever you decide when it comes to the very best restaurants in Rome, always remember to try and book in advance. As Michelin Starred restaurants in particular are often in high demand with limited seating available.

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