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If you're visiting on a day trip or a week-long stay, knowing what to drink in Taormina in Autumn can depend on whether it's business or pleasure. Immerse yourself in exquisite flavours and unmatched beverage craftsmanship.

This alluring town appeals to island newcomers with its enviable location. Even when enjoying Taormina food and drink in Autumn, one can enjoy the outdoors at charming bistro tables and indulge in a cold beer, freshly made aromatic coffee, or exquisite local wines.

What to drink in Taormina in Autumn

If you're seeking a delightful drink in Taormina this Autumn, here are a few of the most enticing options that deserve your attention:

Espresso Coffee

Sicilian Espresso is a blend of strength and delicacy, with robustness and rich aromas. It's a pause that energizes, nourishes and brings inner peace. Furthermore, on those occasions when the Autumn weather is slightly cooler than normal, what better way to start the day than a nice warm cup of Italian coffee?


A famous Italian bitter digestif, Averna, was created in 1868 by Salvatore Averna. Legend has it that the Averna family received the recipe from a monk at the San Spirito monastery. While the exact ingredients remain a secret, the craftsmanship behind this drink is unmatched.


This captivating Sicilian amaro is a blend of artisanal essence of Sicilian wild oranges. Enjoy the exquisite flavour of this award-winning liqueur, inspired by a time-honoured family recipe. This delightful libation is best served slightly chilled or over ice.

Birra Messina (beer)

Established in 1923, Birra Messina is the quintessential beer of Taormina. Named after the bustling Sicilian harbour city of Messina, this exquisite brew delights the senses with its refreshing golden shade and a delightful dry finish.

Other Beers on Tap

The tap selection in Taormina will feature a variety of other beers, such as Moretti, Heineken, Rickard’s Red and Coors Light.

Exquisite Local Wines

No trip to Taormina in Autumn would be complete without sampling the regional wines available in the region. Below are just a few firm-favourites.

Grillo (white wine)

Grillo, a renowned white grape from Sicily, contributes to the acclaimed Marsala wine. It's versatile, featuring regional appellations as a varietal or blend. Notably, Grillo achieves high alcohol content, adding allure. This versatile wine pairs well with a variety of dishes.

Passito di Pantelleria (white wine)

From Pantelleria, an island nestled between Sicily and Tunisia, comes this sweet gem. Crafted with utmost care, it captures the essence of locally revered Zibibbo grapes, meticulously dried to perfection. This wine is perfect with local Sicilian delicacies like cookies and pastries.

Frappato (red wine)

Frappato, a red wine variety predominantly linked to Sicily, has attained noteworthiness primarily for its role in Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG. While the exact lineage remains a mystery, Frappato stands as one of Sicily's oldest grape varieties, recently gaining prominence in the region.

Nero d’Avola (red wine)

A native Sicilian red grape, earns its name from its deep, rich hue. This wine offers enticing hints of black fruit and chocolate, and some exhibit a lively vibrancy with cherry and herb notes. They pair perfectly with rich meat dishes, hearty stews, and smoky barbecued meats.


Taormina is a haven for cocktail enthusiasts, boasting an array of exquisite libations. Among them, the illustrious Sicilian Spritz reigns supreme. This refreshing concoction entails the meticulous crushing of two slices of Sicilian red orange, accompanied by a dash of pomegranate and mint.

Book Drink Experiences in Taormina with

Craving extra refreshments to drink in Autumn while exploring Italy? If you have any questions when booking a food and drink experience in Taormina, our team of friendly advisors is here to assist via our live chat or email at [email protected]. If you wish to know more about local life in the region, then how about reading this article on the Taormina weekly food market?

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