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The typical foodie will go that extra step to discover new ideas, embracing a wide variety of food cultures and international cuisines. Many people enjoy fine dining, the occasional takeaway and fancy themselves as a bit of a home cook. However, mealtimes for a foodie is much more than breakfast, lunch and dinner. As such, a true foodie will often be seeking out new food experiences and places to eat.

It isn’t just about the healthiest way to start the day, where to go for lunch or what to get in for dinner. The love of food is both a hobby and a lifestyle, one that embraces everything from trying out the newest trends to discovering traditional delicacies. Whether that be booking a table at a Michelin Star restaurant, joining a cookery class or taking a food tour while travelling the world.

Where did the term “Foodie” originate?

Officially, research indicates the term “Foodie” first appeared in print in 1980 as part of an article penned by food critic Gael Greene. In particular, during his time writing for New York Magazine. It then became more widely used several years later, following the publication of “The Official Foodie Handbook” by Paul Levy and Ann Barr.

Although having once divided opinion, it has since been a proud description among food lovers, bloggers and world-class chefs. As well as a way of advertising food experiences. An expression that shows affection, passion and a desire to embrace food in all its glory.

What is a Foodie by definition

Paul Levy is the person to ask when it comes to his original use of the phrase, however, it can be easily summarised. As by its definition in the official Oxford Dictionary:

"A person with a particular interest in food, a gourmet."

However, when it comes to food tourism, being a foodie goes beyond the norm of just loving great food. It's not something restricted by age, sex, nationality or culture. Yet being a foodie can bring people together from all walks of life.

Is being a foodie bad for you?

Not at all, in fact, it can be quite the opposite. After all, as a true food connoisseur, healthy options are just as important as loaded fries and extra toppings on your burger. It’s about knowing what you love, but at the same time showing a willingness to try something new.

However, if your dietary requirements in the past have held you back, you’ll be pleased to know the culinary world has changed drastically. In this day and age, we are much more aware of food allergies and intolerances. As such, restaurants are happier to disclose ingredient listings and provide alternative menus, while supermarkets proudly display their “free-from” range.

Those of you looking to cut down on fast food and stick to a healthy diet plan, you may find you’re more of a foodie than you realised! Being passionate about eating is far more than just trying to eat as much as possible.

Likewise trying to lose weight, for example, shouldn’t be restricted to cutting back on the carbs and spending a lifetime on salads and smoothies. Although, they too have their place of course! Why not book yourself into a cooking class, whereby you can discover new techniques, as well as meet likeminded people along the way.

Is it possible to be a vegan foodie?

With more and more foodies becoming vegetarian or vegan, there is certainly a huge opportunity within the food industry. In fact, according to the 2014 Meat Atlas by the Friends of the Earth, it is estimated there are approximately 375 million vegetarians worldwide. Figures that have also seen a dramatic increase during the last 5 years. Whereby young and old are changing their personal habits in favour of a meat-free diet.

Therefore, catering for the vegan foodie is a natural progression, one that brings with it new trends and possibilities. Along with both foodies and food tourism geared towards understanding the wider principles within the food chain. Ensuring animal welfare and staying clear of harmful pesticides and genetically modified produce. Meanwhile, natural ingredients playing a huge role in everyday cooking. As well as becoming even more important to those with a restricted diet.

Many of the finest restaurants around the world now have chefs that pick homegrown produce from their own gardens. Cookery classes and experiences may involve a trip to the local market or even foraging to find fruit and herbs.

If anything, when it comes to being a vegan within the foodie world things couldn’t be more exciting. As more and more restaurants, festivals, shops and cookery classes are dedicated to the non-meat eater, there really is something for everyone.

What is a Foodie and Food Tourism

With so much diversity on offer throughout the world, it’s no wonder that food tourism has become a major part of the travel industry. The experienced traveller often longing to experience the local way of life, whereby food often plays a vital role.

Food tourism is the chance to travel and eating at restaurants around the world. Indulging in global cuisine thanks to local tour guides and learning to cook with the professionals. When asked what is a foodie, or more directly food tourism, Erik Wolf (Executive Director, World Food Travel Association) puts it into words:

Food tourism is the act of travelling for a taste of place in order to get a sense of place”.

The reason being, that what is a foodie and food tourism is more than simply finding the popular places to eat while on holiday. You can always find a review online for the best restaurants, but food tourism should be about the wider experience.

What is a Foodie?

It’s a time to take a tapas tour with a local guide, venturing to the lesser-known areas of a city. Eating in locations you may never have considered, let alone had the chance to experience first-hand. As an international foodie, your travels will take you on a tasting sensation. Learning about local life, sampling traditional dishes, cooked with love rather than straight from the cookbook.

Food and Drink Experiences with

If you are looking for exciting food experiences, book online and start your food and drink journey with We have an array of food tours, cookery classes and authentic food and drink experiences available to choose from.

In order to find out how much of foodie you are, and other culinary questions, follow our blog.

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