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Bordeaux is known for great wine but what food can you expect to eat in the region? The answer is a wide selection of French classics, alongside regional favourites. Expect a combination of freshly caught fish from the nearby ports, alongside those that favour international foodie. Even if you're not staying in Bordeaux, chances are our food experiences in France have connections with the region.

As you can imagine Bordeaux has some of the world’s greatest wines, but there are some fantastic food experiences in France too! While a food tour is a great way to discover the best places to eat and drink, sometimes you may prefer a fine-dining restaurant.

About the Bordeaux Wine Region

While we couldn’t write a food and drink blog about Bordeaux without mentioning it’s famous vineyards, there is of course, far more to the region. However, let us still touch briefly on the French love affair with fine wines. After all, Bordeaux is responsible for some the world’s most sought-after vintages, as well as providing one of France’s biggest exports.

Covering over 120,000 hectares of land, the vineyards of Bordeaux are by far the largest wine-producing region of France. There are believed to be more than a staggering 8.5 thousand manufacturers in the area, most of which sit along the vicinity of the Garonne River.

Bordeaux is largely known for the likes of wine from red grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec. However, locally you will also find a range of vines growing white grapes, which are likely to be served at nearby bars and restaurants.

Although, Bordeaux is much more than wineries and vineyards, with its love of food also attracting foodies from across the world. Not only that, but the region also offers an insight into French history.

What Food is Bordeaux Famous For?

Located along the Atlantic coast, the port city is in the perfect location to supply not only France but further into mainland Europe. As such, with the vast Atlantic Ocean on its doorstep, fish and other seafood is always going to be high on the menu.

In particular, freshly caught cod or when it comes to shellfish, oysters aren’t so much a luxury but part of a regular feature. Therefore you can expect everything from a fish inspired main course to a sharing tray of oysters to be washed down with a glass of Bordeaux wine.

As for a truly authentic experience, nothing beats mussels cooked up on the beach. It’s a traditional way of eating the shellfish that any foodie travelling to France should try out. Having been caught straight from the water, the mussels are then cooked barbeque style, in a bundle of hay or pine needles for added flavour.

Bordeaux - Meat or Fish?

So while the locals make use of the regions fishing heritage, it may come as a surprise that more often than not, Bordeaux is a meat-loving region at heart. In fact, the food you can expect in Bordeaux doesn’t come much more French than Entrecote Bordelaise.

Although steak and chips may be a standard culinary dish around the world, carnivore foodies should definitely order Entrecote Bordelaise. It takes what you can do with a steak that step further, luscious rib meat cooked in a rich shallot and red wine source. Often cooked in butter and bone marrow, resulting in a delicious and hearty meal. Perfect for those holidays where you don’t intend doing too much after you’ve finished eating.

As for dessert, a course of cheese and biscuits is a firm favourite. However, if you have a sweet tooth try some Canelés, available at almost any French patisserie. They originated from the Annonciades Convent in Bordeaux, so the perfect pudding for any foodie looking for something authentic to eat.

Where to Eat in Bordeaux?

As with any major city, there are just so many choices. Covering everything from unassuming French bistros to Michelin starred fine dining. However, one thing’s for sure, there are certainly plenty of options.

Somewhere in between the 2 ends of the culinary spectrum is that of “Le Bouchon Bordelais”. A place where you can enjoy something to eat no matter what your budget. In fact, one of the keys behind the ethos of head chef Frédéric Vigouroux is that you only eat as much or as little as you desire.

Another of the popular food haunts for the more affordable wallet is “Le Chien de Pavlov”. Although they certainly hold back on quality ingredients, with crag, sea bream and veal all featured on the menu. The management team behind the bistro are local too, giving it even more of an authentic foodie experience.

In contrast to the authentic and traditional flavours of Bordeaux is the modern and trendy “Miles” international bistro. With influences from Japan, Vietnam and Israel, expect culinary fusion at one of Bordeaux’s most popular restaurants.

If you really want to dine in style, book a table at an award-winning Michelin Star quality restaurant. “Le Quatrième Mur” is situated next to the prestigious Bordeaux Opera House and is owned by celebrity chef Philippe Etchebest. The menu focuses on just one or two dishes and booking in advance is a necessity. We recommend going for lunch when prices aren’t quite at such a premium.

Food and Drink Experiences in Bordeaux

Here at tabl. we have an array of food experiences in France along with wine tours and other activities. Simply book your adventure online today and start planning your holiday. Ready to enjoy some of the best food and drink tours exploring the local French cuisine.

Do you have your own food tour, wine tasting activity or run a cookery school in France or elsewhere in Europe? Contact and find out how we can help advertise your food and drink experiences.

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