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Authentic Tunisian food is full of interesting flavours and international influences. As it often includes a combination of Mediterranean, Berber, Arab, Turkish, Jewish and Italian cuisine. As foodies can soon discover while joining one of our food experiences in the capital of Tunis.

Along with an emphasis on mixed spices, the use of a traditional harissa sauce is also a common feature in Tunisian food. Harissa itself being a fiery mix of red chilli peppers, garlic paste, cumin and olive oil.

Authentic Tunisian Food and Drink

We currently have several food experiences in Tunis, featuring a host of authentic Tunisian food and drink. Some of which we've listed below:


The versatility of couscous has made it a signature dish of Tunisia. As such, you will find it included in meals around the country. Often steamed and served with a variety of vegetables, spiced lamb, poultry or fish.

Brik à L’oeuf

A very popular starter, consisting of a lightly cooked egg inserted inside filo pastry, along with fresh prawns or tuna fish.


Another tasty starter that is typical of Tunisian food. Basically, it is a creamy soup made from tomatoes, onions and pasta. In Sfax, a town on the coastline, their regional take on traditional Chorba contains fish and additional spices.

Tunisian Tajine

Not to be confused with Moroccan tajine cooked in a terracotta pot, this traditional Tunisian food is much more like an Italian frittata. An egg-based starter containing meat and cheese. Although some coastal regions like to use seafood, while others transform the tajine into a vegetarian dish.


Authentic Tunisian Brik is a slim, deep-fried pastry that is then filled with an egg-based stuffing. The egg yolk should remain runny, while other ingredients normally include capers, onions, tuna, anchovies or spicy harissa.

Drink Experiences in Tunisia

Although recognised as a Muslim country, you can still purchase alcohol in Tunisia. However, always remember to be respectful of the local culture and regional laws, when indulging in any alcoholic drinks.

Tunisian Wine

Wine in Tunisia can be dated back over 2000 years and today boasts 7 regions with an AOC status. Chardonnay, Clairette, Muscat of Alexandria and Ugni grape varieties are among the most common.


Boukha is a spirit distilled from fermented figs. The alcohol percentage can range from between 36 and 40 percent, which can then be used in cocktails and fruit salads.

Tunisian Coffee

When drinking coffee in Tunisia, don't expect it to come in a large mug. This is due to the coffee being particularly strong, as such is only poured in small quantities.

Mint Tea

Mint tea is traditionally served after each mealtime in Tunisia. As not only is it refreshing, but is also said to help the digestive system.

Food and Drink Tours in Tunisia

Book your food experiences in Tunisia with confidence at, where we currently have a selection available in the capital of Tunis. Food and drink tours in Tunisia provide the opportunity to explore the countryside as well as sightseeing along the way.

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