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Here at tabl. we have a wide range of online cookery classes, from traditional national dishes to modern fine-dining. If you’re wishing to recreate a dish you had on holiday or simply looking to expand your culinary knowledge, our online lessons are here to help.

We can lead you to discover new skills from your very own kitchen, by joining a private online cookery class or during a group call with like-minded cooks. Long gone are the days of having to sign-up to an evening class as you leave the house after a hard day in the office.

Traditional Online Cookery Classes

By booking one of our online cookery classes, guests are invited to try out a selection of traditional recipes from around the world.


Bring the flavours of Spain to your family home, with a video conference and cooking class where you will produce an authentic paella. Although you can order a decent paella at almost any Spanish restaurant, here you will learn a recipe with a personal touch.

Handed down through the generations, this is all about a Valencian paella created from the heart. As well as understanding the history of regional variations, this particular class focusses on a process from the chefs very own Grandmother.

Dim Sum

Traditional Dim Sum have been a staple part of the Cantonese diet forever and can be made sweet or savoury. However, this particular online cookery class focusses on those made with pork shoulder and prawns.

As with any authentic Dim Sum, it’s crucial you have a steamer basket to take part in this course. Whereas you will see that the majority of ingredients are available from regular supermarkets.


Some may argue Sushi is an art form rather than cooking. However, it is certainly a traditional Japanese dish that’s a pleasure to create. Just as much as it is to eat!

The online cookery classes are led by a nationally-credited instructor. Providing a fun lesson, where you will produce both “nigiri sushi” and the more advanced “gunkan maki”.

Goat Tarkari

This traditional dish from Venezuela is often referred to as goat curry. However, the range of flavours become so much more than that.

After all, this is an authentic take on a meal that is influenced by nearby Trinidad and Tobago, yet has been adapted locally. If, however, you’d prefer to use lamb then the end result is just as tender.

Grouper Corbullon

When it comes to French cuisine, you may think of mussels and fries, boeuf bourguignon or coq au vin. Although if you’d prefer to learn something even more authentic, how about a fish stew, made with grouper fish?

It's a different fish to work with than most recipes. Albeit with fantastic results, rooted in authentic and traditional French cooking.

Book Online Cookery Classes with tabl.

As well as an array of traditional and national dishes, our online cookery classes also include cake baking to fine-dining. As such, you can become a master baker or impress a loved one with a romantic meal. Book an online class with tabl. and start cooking from the comfort of your own kitchen.

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