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Japan is known for its traditional Japanese food, as well as leading the way in experimental modern gastronomy. As such, with our food and drink experiences in Tokyo, along with food tours in Kyoto, you can gain a true sense of authentic Japanese cuisine.

However, while fine-dining restaurants may well provide you with a more up-market food experience, traditional Japanese food comes from the streets. In fact, quite literally when you book a street food tour in Japan. Where you’ll discover the origins of some of the world’s most popular dishes.

Traditional Japanese Food

As with many Asian cultures, traditional Japanese food is often centred around rice and noodles. In some cases, eaten 3-times a day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. However, as our food and drink experiences in Tokyo demonstrate, there's much more choice than foodies may realise.


Having said that, no list of traditional Japanese food would be complete without acknowledging Japans most famous dish. Sticky rice is one of many ways to serve authentic sushi. Topped with the likes of raw tuna or hamachi, salmon or shrimp.


A gorgeous dish of fried fish, seafood or vegetables in a light batter. The ingredients should initially be the same temperature as when covered in the batter. However, in contrast, the oil must be extremely hot for the frying. As such, ensuring each piece is crispy and fried to perfection.


This is a plate of bite-sized pieces of chicken that are grilled on a skewer. It uses most of the chicken including heart and liver as the element of Japanese food culture is to waste nothing. Yakitori has been eaten since the 17th century.

Tsukemono Pickles

These are traditional pickles that have been around since prehistoric times. They are made with various ingredients that include daikon radish, eggplant and fruits. The best thing is they are very delicious and healthy!


This food description - is the best of Japanese fine dining, and is a tasting course of small, seasonally themed dishes made with serious attention. It is a simple multi-dish meal served before enjoying a cup of matcha or a sophisticated meal.

Udon Noodles

These thick Udon noodles are made from wheat flour and as well holding plenty of flavours can be particularly versatile. While they can be served hot or cold, the most traditional Japanese food is to have udon noodles in a piping hot broth. One that is then topped with various meats, chillies and sometimes nuts for added texture.


Sukiyaki is basically a huge dish of beef, vegetables, and tofu cooked in a sweet soy sauce broth in a cast iron pot. It is the perfect way to enjoy Japan’s super-rich and tender wagyu beef.


A beautiful noodle soup dish, that used to be made from chicken bones, but nowadays, pork, beef and seafood are used giving it a rather diverse flavour. In addition to the typical soy sauce and miso additions, you can find curry flavoured version. There is also different ramen dishes whereby the noodles and soup are served separately (known as Tsukemen).


This is another popular dish based on western pork cutlets, whereby a slice of pork is dipped in a flour and beaten egg, covered in breadcrumbs and hot fried. You can get wither sirloin or fillet tonkatsu, but obviously the fillet variety will be more expensive.


A large chicken is seasoned with soy sauce, salt, spices and starch to create this tasty dish. It's almost a Japanese take on fried chicken, however, the flavours are far more complex.

Food Tours in Japan with tabl.

With our traditional Japanese food tours, foodies can enjoy authentic local cuisine. Whether that's with food and drink experiences in Tokyo, Kyoto street food tours or even learning to prepare sushi at home with our online cooking classes.

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