Did you know that traditional Belgian food can be found at some of the best Michelin starred restaurants in the world? Food and drink tours in Brussels as an example will lead you to some of the most popular within the capital.

Belgian cuisine is extensively varied and made up of diverse influences from French, German and Dutch cooking. Although even with its background in flemish traditions, modern and innovative gastronomy in Belgium has been on the increase.

Traditional Belgian Food

Traditional Belgian Food

While tasting your way around Belgium with our food and drink tours in Brussels, keep an eye out for the following dishes.

Eel in green sauce

This dish is indeed a Belgian invention – the eels are cooked in fish stock or water with local herbs added such as sorrel, chervil, parsley, mint, and watercress. Hence, giving the dish its very bright green colour. The dish is more famous in cities such as Antwerp and Bruges.

Beef Stew

This popular hearty dish (known as carbonade Flamande) was again invented by the Begiums. Although, it is very similar to the French Boeuf Bourguignon. It is a rich dish of caramelized onions and beef that has been braised slowly.

The French of course, use red wine, but the Belgiums use their beer, in particular – Old Brown, or Flanders Brown. Bread smothered in mustard is added to the sauce and is served with creamy mash potatoes or frites.

Belgian fish soup

This fish soup was seemingly the favourite dish of the Roman Emperor Charles V who came from Ghent. Originally the soup was made using local fish caught in the rivers near Ghent. Nowadays it is made up of chicken, vegetables, herbs, and cream.

Traditional Belgian Food, food tours in Brussels

Potted Meat

You can buy potted meat (potjesvlees) in many of the food shops to try out before ordering in a restaurant. The terrine is not to everyone’s taste and is made using chicken, veal, and rabbit. However, the texture of the terrine is gelatine and is of a sweet and sour flavour.


This is a very popular filling dish of mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables such as onions, carrots, sprouts or cabbage. It is normally served as a side dish and goes well with sausages. In England of course, it is known as Bubble and Squeak.

Mussels and Fries

Belgium apparently is the inventor of moules frites (mosselen-friet) The steaming mussels are served in a large pot, do not forget to mop up the juices with some fresh bread. And the famous frites are said to be the best in the world. The Belgium chefs choose the correct potato sliced and fry them twice to get that crispy exterior and softer interior.

Grey shrimps

These tiny shrimps are known as the ‘caviar of the North Sea’, and are extremely popular throughout Belgium. They are served in most restaurants, particularly at the seafood eateries that line the port towns. They are served up as a starter, or as an aperitif.

Traditional Belgian Food


Belgium waffles are notorious as being one of the most indulgent of traditional Belgian food. Authentic waffles can be served as a sweet dessert or even with savoury toppings. However, many of the locals enjoy there’s simply with ice cream and a chocolate sauce.

Shortcrust Biscuits

These spiced, shortcrust biscuits are to die for! When you order a coffee, you’ll find that these delicious biscuits on nearly always on hand. They are made in the Belgium traditional way with genuine butter and brown sugar and baked in special wooden moulds with pretty designs.

Food and Drink Experiences in Belgium

Enjoy the wonderful traditional Belgian food with our food and drink tours in Brussels. As well as food experiences, beer tours and tasting sessions throughout the city. Alternatively, keep checking tabl. for any other destinations within Belgium with more experiences being added to the site every week.