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If you are considering becoming vegan, it can often be overpowering at first to know exactly what to eat. As such, vegan and vegetarian food tours are a fantastic way to guarantee a meat-free lunch or dinner.

However, being a vegan it’s also worth noting that many food and drink experiences can be easily adapted. Alternatively, check out our blog on the best countries to visit if you're vegan.

Before turning vegan, you no doubt had a handful of recipes you could put together quickly to enjoy during mealtimes. However, those relatively straightforward recipes may no longer be suited to your new vegan diet.

Each year there are more people deciding to switch from being meat eaters to becoming vegan, many with good reason! It’s proven there are plenty of great ways that veganism can improve our lives. Firstly, there are several amazing health benefits. However, by adapting accordingly we can also make better use of our local resources.

Top 5 Vegan Food Bloggers

While vegan food bloggers will agree the change in diet is a personal choice, it is one largely made by a conscious decision. Health reasons are of course high on the agenda, however, so too is that of animal welfare.

Many of us, may opt for free-range over factory-farmed but feel it isn’t always practical to live by our preferred standards. As such, becoming vegan eliminates any concerns, leaving you to concentrate purely on trying out great food. Something our vegan and vegetarian food tours will always strive to provide.

In order to help us stay inspired about a meat-free diet, we focus our attention on the following 5 vegan food bloggers. All of whom write special vegan blogs, providing fresh ideas and a range of recipes to enjoy:

Guac and Roll

A lady named Ava started writing blogs back in 2012 because many of her friends didn’t understand what she could eat. Since becoming vegan, Ava has accumulated literally hundreds of great and tasty recipes for you to try in the comfort of your own home.

There are also, superb photographs, that are always taken by herself. Ava’s food ranges from really filling dishes, such as a vegan fry-up to a healthy pumpkin chilli with polenta topping. Ava also shares lots of tips and tricks on how being a vegan in a meat-eating world can be tasty and a wonderful experience!

Fat Gay Vegan

This is a really helpful blog if you want to find out which restaurants are vegan-friendly around the world. FGV has fairly recently spent 6 months living in Mexico. So, if you are planning a vegan tour of South America, his blog will help you gain some invaluable information.

Check through some of his previous posts and discover which restaurants are serving some of his favourite vegan foods. As well as those that are more than happy to adjust their existing menus for your dietary requirements.

Oh She Glows

Angela Liddon from Canada originally decided to start blogging to help her recover from an eating disorder in 2008. However, she has since gone on to become one of the most influential vegan bloggers in the world.

Having written a bestselling cookbook (“Oh She Glows the Cookbook”) Angela has devised literally hundreds of exciting recipes. All of which designed to help you on your journey towards veganism.

The website is well-suited to the modern vegan. One that embraces the Pinterest style of blogging, while providing fantastic ideas of what to eat.


This blog is by the lovely Morag, a 25-year-old vegan who lives in Glasgow. Mo'Adore is more a lifestyle blog so goes beyond providing ideas and recipes. Morag includes posts about how to obtain different types of vegan food, along with restaurant reviews and general advice on living the vegan lifestyle.

As such, the Mo’Adore vegan blog also includes additional information beyond the realms of food and drink. Including make-up tips and which brands to try and avoid if you wish to stay away from those that use animal bi-products.

Naturally Sassy

Ballet dancer and super blogger Saskia (full name Saskia Gregson Williams) is no stranger to adjusting her foodie lifestyle. Having suffered from chronic eczema, Saskia’s diet initially became dairy-free. However, following a severe bout of food poisoning several years later it was time for a change. At which point deciding to become completely vegan instead.

As well as her blog, Saskia subsequently wrote a book, so all her friends and family would realise that being vegan doesn’t mean you can’t eat. Another reason why Saskia’s “Naturally Sassy” website makes her a top vegan blogger is how easy it is to navigate.

All her recipes are divided into interesting and useful categories, such as “Sixty Second Snacks”, “Healthy on a Budget” and “Meals on the Go”., Discover Real Food by Real People…

While we are not an exclusively vegan blog, we still have plenty of vegan and vegetarian food tours, experiences and activities available to book online.

Along with our very own blog, you can also follow for all the best news, reviews and advice regarding the food and drink industry.

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