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As well as being famous for its gastronomy, luxury wine tours in San Sebastián are the ideal way to discover the ideal pairing to the local Spanish tapas and authentic "pintxos". Exploring the city's culinary delights is the perfect compliment to a velvety red Rioja wine or a refreshing white from Getaria, a region also renowned for its txacoli wine.

Experience the indulgence of a luxurious San Sebastián wine tour, where a plethora of options await. Our wine tours from San Sebastián are bound to be among the most memorable highlights of your holiday.

Top 5 Luxury Wine Tours in San Sebastián 1

Top 5 Luxury Wine Tours in San Sebastián

Book one of our top 5 luxury wine tours in San Sebastián today or contact via our live online chat where our advisors are available to help.

From San Sebastián: Private La Rioja Explore Wine Tour

Experience an unforgettable Wine Tour with us, bidding farewell to the picturesque San Sebastián coast for a day. Journey through the mesmerizing Basque Country mountains until we reach the sun-kissed hills of La Rioja.

Discover hidden gems - exquisite wines to savour alongside delectable local delicacies. All the while, luxuriate on the patio, marvelling at the breathtaking panorama of the valley.

From San Sebastián: Private Rioja Total Tasting Experience

We are thrilled to offer transportation from San Sebastián for a luxurious journey along the picturesque route to the enchanting Rioja wine region. Expect to explore the region's renowned vineyards, savour exquisite wines, and embrace the warmth of rural hospitality. 

To end our tour, we'll conclude at a lovely family-run vineyard. Here, surrounded by beautiful grapevines, treat yourself to a delicious tapas lunch on the veranda, savouring every moment of this picturesque experience.

Top 5 Luxury Wine Tours in San Sebastián 2

Explore an Exclusive Rustic Winery in Rioja

Explore the magic of an underground medieval village, captivating wine lovers and history buffs. Delight in charming wineries and savour beautifully crafted local wines.

An exquisite journey through an authentic and rustic winery, immersing yourself in the refined art of winemaking. Explore the enchanting underground cellar, adorned with mystic 15th-century caves, showcasing a profound bond with the land and terroir.

Rioja's Classic Winery Uncorking the Finest Wines

Enjoy a luxurious full-day tour, discovering the art of winemaking as you indulge in exquisite wines. Immerse yourself in an enchanting visit to a special winery and savour four delicately paired wines with locally sourced delights.

We cordially invite you to embark on an exceptional tasting journey to two esteemed wineries, where you will be treated to the exquisite pleasure of sampling a curated selection of three distinctive and extraordinary wines at each location. 

Unveiling the Secrets of La Rioja's Wine

A captivating voyage of discovery, where ancient winemaking techniques and local traditions await to be unveiled. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the enchanting wines, as you gain a newfound appreciation for its magical allure.

Whether you're a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply embarking on a relaxed day trip, this extraordinary experience promises to delight both your palate and spirit.

Book Luxury Wine Tours in San Sebastián

Experience an exquisite wine journey in enchanting San Sebastián! Our friendly team is ready to assist you through live online chat or via email at [email protected]. Cheers to a memorable wine adventure!

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