Be inspired by the following UK food bloggers, who will excite you with both their recipes and food experiences around the world.

Thanks to the internet, you no longer need to trawl cookbooks for the latest cookery tips. Likewise, food tourism can come directly to you, as you discover world cuisine without leaving home!

With everything from cake makers to vegan delights, food bloggers are completely changing the face of the internet.

Top 10 UK Food Bloggers

So, sit down and relax, make a cuppa and discover our top 10 UK food bloggers:

      • Izy Hossack
      • Livia’s Kitchen
      • Jo Lee – Candids
      • Skye McAlpine
      • Medicinal Kitchen
      • Flora Shedden
      • Eat Like a Girl
      • A Merrier World
      • Cook Sister
      • Cheese and Biscuits

Top Ten UK Food Bloggers

Izy Hossack

Izy started her first blog when she was only 15 years old. As a London lady, Izy has grown up surrounded by an array of options to fuel her tremendous passion for food. Although busy in lectures studying Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Leeds, Izy finds time to outline her recipes and food photography through her blog.

In 2014, Izy released her critically acclaimed debut cookbook, “Top with Cinnamon”. The book includes 75 recipes from chickpea and pomegranate dip to gorgeous cinnamon rolls.  Ivy’s recipes include sweet and savoury delights including dishes suitable for vegan foodies. Each recipe has her own personal images, all of which are brilliantly designed.

Livia’s Kitchen

Olivia Wollenberg, is the brilliant lady behind Livia’s Kitchen. After she was unfortunately diagnosed with many food intolerances going back to 2014, Olivia had to drastically change what she ate. So she devised and found gorgeous delicious desserts that did not include wheat, dairy, refined sugar and various preservatives. Along with her amazing blog, she has devised many homemade crumbles and is planning going to launch her ‘slab bites’.

Livia’s Kitchen states it is very important to know what a product is made with, rather than what things it is free from. So, enjoy fabulous sweet recipes, such as cranberry and honey flapjacks, super gingerbread balls and healthy blueberry porridge squares.

Jo Lee – Candids

Jo is from Boston and moved to London in 2011. After 8 years treading the financial market, Jo decided to pursue a career as a freelance photographer 3 years after moving to the UK. This grew into launching “Candids”, an enjoyable lifestyle blog. One which focuses on good London restaurants, far-away destinations and all things food-related.

Jo displays amazing photographs. The blog posts are a fantastic insight into the UK blogger. Take a look at foodie delights such as afternoon tea from the famous Anderson Hotel, or look at the menu tasting theme at the Imperial.

Top Ten UK Foodie Bloggers

Skye McAlpine – My Dining Table

My Dining Table is a blog served from Skye McAlpine’s dining table. It’s a combination of cheeky stories, charming anecdotes and recipes straight from her much-loved kitchen worktop. Skye was raised in Venice, where she learnt to cook classic Italian food. As a lover of home cooking, My Dining Table brings together the Italian way of life with UK family dinners.

Medicinal Kitchen

Medicinal Kitchen is not your usual run of your mill recipe blog, it’s much more of a food experience. Emma Kirke bravely battled breast cancer and successfully overcame surgery following her double mastectomy. During her own recovery plan, she recommends not only various food types, but suitable recipes and fitness regimes.

Medicinal Kitchen is so informative, without being prodigious or patronising. There are lots of recipes to choose from, with excellent styled photographs.

Flora Shedden

Do you recall Flora on the Bake Off programme, who stated she was more familiar with baking in an aga rather than an ordinary oven? Flora Shedden is now back to what she does best, of course, it is baking.

After her great Bake Off success, Flora has come back into the kitchen producing teatime specials, gorgeous desserts and the famous blueberry and macaron loaf.

Flora displays her passions for writing, cooking and great photography. Her recipes are really easy to understand and are all attractively presented.

Top Ten UK Food Bloggers

Eat Like a Girl

Eat like a Girl is a blog about travel and food, while looking at the life of an Irish ex-pat who now lives in London. Many of the recipes shown on the site are the writer’s own, inspired by her travel experiences and her favourite places.

A great part of the site is the “Posh Lunch Club,” whereby many lunch menus around the UK are reviewed. Gorgeous dishes, like chargrilled monkfish with anchovy and rosemary sauce, soft polenta and parmesan and even a glass of homemade rhubarb Gin and tonic!

A Merrier World

A Merrier World is a superb bakery blog, whereby you will see how to make your own sweet recipes. Including the likes of divine chocolate cinnamon squares and fabulous fruit flapjacks. Many of the recipes have been inspired by childhood memories. Such as “Roald Dahl’s Treacle Toffee” and “Spooky Spider Sandwich Cookies”. As such, the blog is a great way to introduce children to the delights of baking.

The writer has three young children herself. Therefore, she knows what mini bakers are looking for when it comes to an afternoon snack.

Cook Sister

Cook Sister has been featured in the Times Online, as one of the 50 best food blogs in the world. Which is largely down to the detailed restaurant reviews, whereby the blogger is happy to review the same place on more than one occasion. In fact, this can go as far as to include everything from the menu, as well as the restaurant layout and comments about the staff. The décor and drinks list is talked about too, so do check out this blog – it covers various cuisine cultures for every budget.

Cheese and Biscuits

This blogger has been named as one of London’s “Most Influential Londoners” by the London Evening Standard. Also, he has been named as the top 5 “Food Blogger Restaurants Should Fear” by Esquire magazine. Cheese and Biscuits cover just about everything related to food tourism. As such, including quick fast food to fine dining. As well as street food and gastro pub grub. Cheese and Biscuits is also a great blog to refer to when travelling on a budget.

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