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Water is part of our being since before we are born. A vast percentage of our bodies is water. It is, literally, what keeps us alive. We create communities near it, using our blue spaces as a source of food and drink, travel, pleasure and leisure. So, it’s unsurprising that it can stimulate a vast range of emotions; even an image of a rolling ocean can create a sense of relaxation and calm.

Research shows that all 'blue spaces', whether the sea, rivers, lakes, canals, waterfalls and fountains, are invaluable for our physical and mental wellbeing. Did you know that minerals found in seawater help to purify our airways, improve allergies and increase circulation to our lungs? And just the sight and sound of water can trigger neurochemical reactions in our brains that make us feel better?

The Blue Spaces of Barcelona 1

The Blue Spaces of Barcelona

At tabl. we invite you to discover some of the best ways to enjoy enchanting water-based experiences, which will help your stress and worries melt away. Make the most of your holiday and stimulate your serotonin with our guide to food and drink experiences in Barcelona that embrace the beauty and benefits of its blue spaces.

Barcelona sits on the glistening Mediterranean and boasts many golden sandy beaches. The seafront here offers something for everyone, from private dining sailing trips to jazz and cocktail evening cruises. As well as multiple eateries and bars by the marina and even a naturist beach for those looking to tune in with mother nature.

The flow of history in Barcelona

Barcelona's roots started with the Romans, who settled here at the end of the first century. The city contains historic Roman attractions, including iconic buildings and quaint winding streets. Here you can find some of the remaining medieval fountains dating from 14AD when the Government decided to pipe water from further afield to make it freely available to the city's residents.

The famous Canaletas Fountain is one of the many fascinating stops along Las Ramblas. It is a proud iron monument featuring four waterspouts and has been in the same place since the 16th century. The fountain is a well-known meeting spot for all Barcelona football fans who gather in droves to revel in the success of the famous team.

A tradition also says anyone who drinks from the fountain's waters will fall in love with the city and return many times. So, take advantage of the opportunity to stop and drink, as the water is remarkably cool, clear and perfectly safe.

The Blue Spaces of Barcelona 2

Beachfront Barcelona

While Barcelona is known for art and culture, its shoreline is close to the urban centre, so there are many opportunities for some 'blue space' magic within easy reach.

The coastline is overflowing with restaurants featuring excellent wine, fresh Mediterranean cuisine, and classic Catalonian dishes; all served with fantastic sea views. If seafood is your idea of culinary heaven, this is your place.

There are plenty of superb restaurants right next to the water, ready to cater to your desires. Most offer a relaxed and informal ambience but ensure you book well in advance, especially in the summer. The waterfront eateries are perfect for people-watching, drinking and socialising. Alfresco dining in the evening offers a younger and more vibrant scene as the DJs emerge to energise the twilight atmosphere.

The city has nine beaches stretching over five kilometres of the Mediterranean Sea, Barceloneta Beach is the most popular, just a 40-minute walk or accessible via the yellow Metro line. The atmosphere at this beach attracts visitors from all over the globe, all wanting to breathe in the sea air and enjoy the bustle of the inviting restaurants positioned under shady palm trees. For those not wishing to sunbathe, this section of the coast is perfect for enjoying a cool, tall drink while watching the world pass by.

The Blue Spaces of Barcelona 3

The Best Beaches in Barcelona

Bogatell is a designated Blue Flag Beach between Mar Bella and Nova Icària. It attracts a more mature set of beachgoers due to its quieter atmosphere, with plenty of quaint restaurants offering fresh seafood dishes.

Another well-known beach is Nova Icària, which stretches halfway along the city's shoreline. Sitting near Port Olímpic, it enjoys an incredible variety of restaurants and bars and is popular with families.

Mar Bella beach is north of the town centre. While it features fewer eateries, there are plenty of activities to enjoy including kayaking, windsurfing and paddle boarding, plus rollerblading on the promenade. With so much entertainment, it is no surprise it is popular with local teenagers.

Then there is Somorrostro beach, one of the cutest spots on the Barcelona coast and known as the 'high-end' beach due to its proximity to some of the city's most expensive shops and restaurants.

The traditional holiday season in Barcelona starts in March, with temperatures reaching 20 degrees. May can be rainy but still sunny. Summer, of course, is the hottest time when the heat can reach 38 degrees. However, the delicious sea breezes help to alleviate the gruelling heat and highlight the need for us all to be at the seaside!

Barcelona by Boat

For those looking for a water-borne adventure, experiencing Barcelona by yacht offers the chance to soothe or stimulate your senses. Jump on board a luxury sailing boat and view iconic landmarks from the sea. Sipping fine wine while enjoying like-minded company as you admire the city and its nearby vineyards from a different perspective.

The perfect choice for guests on a romantic break is a luxurious 12-metre-long premium sailing boat trip. Indulge in sparkling Catalan champagne with fine-dining cuisine. A fabulous choice for making memories, especially for special occasions or celebrations.

The Blue Spaces of Barcelona 4

Catamaran Cruising

Spending time on a catamaran trip offers an incredible ocean journey to enjoy with family and friends. Many hold up to ten guests and can feature a private chef to create and serve an enticing menu with local flavours and ingredients.

For fans of jazz music, how about a sunset cruise? Listen to live music while watching the light change over the city, and enjoy tapas and drinks while connecting with the power of the water below you.

For guests wanting a gentler cruise with al fresco dining and swimming, plenty of catamaran choices stop at Badalona beach. Here guests can swim in the sea and afterwards tuck into a tasty barbecue feast.

Experience the Blue Spaces of Barcelona

Barcelona must be one of the best cities to visit in Spain if you love the water as much as your taste buds. The therapeutic effects of the outdoors, in combination with gorgeous food, sunshine and good company, can significantly benefit the heart and the head.

We invite you to disconnect from day-to-day life and truly embrace glorious gastronomy within the beautiful blue spaces of Barcelona. Book your food and drink experiences in Barcelona online with as you prepare to relax along to the sounds of the sea.

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