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The tropical Indonesian island is known for great food experiences, with the best restaurants in Bali serving authentic Balinese cuisine alongside modern classics. Food experiences in Bali go beyond the local delicacies. The island's cuisine take dishes from across Asia – with influences from China, India and at times even further afield.

Bali itself is an island full of natural beauty, which comes with an array of locally grown produce and the freshest fish imaginable. While it’s traditional dishes include Babi Guling (roasted suckling-pig), fried rice such as Nasi Goring and a healthy Gado-Gado vegetarian salad.

The Best Restaurants in Bali

With so many choices upon the island, knowing which are the best restaurants in Bali is one you may have to discover for yourself. However, in the meantime we’ve chosen a few of our favourites for the ultimate food experiences in Bali.


The views out to sea at Mejekawi really are quite something. Although so of course, is the dining experience from beginning to end. Dishes change regularly, depending on the season and ingredients available. We strongly recommend booking a table as the sun goes down.

Babi Guling Pak Malen

This is an authentic and traditional Balinese dining experience. Making it one of the best restaurants in Bali, which as the name suggests, specialise in one thing. Babi Guling, a roasted suckling pig. Although, be mindful they use the whole pig, so you may wish to check which cut you’re being served.


As an escape from Balinese food, Mason in Canggu has its own charcuterie, complete with home-made cheese. The restaurant itself is Australian, bringing with it a relaxed dining experience, with some of the best jus and marinades imaginable.


Another dining experience with an Australian influence is that of Sensorium. It’s owner and head chef, William Salim, was born in Bali but learnt his craft in a number of fine-dining restaurants while living in Australia. The interior is minimal and simplistic, the food on the other hand, is far from it!


The restaurant at Samabe Suites and Villas offers a fantastic choice of food and drink, in luxurious surroundings. However, for a truly romantic dining experience, book a table within the caves upon the beach. Available to book in advance here for the most romantic food experiences in Bali.

Ma Joly

The Ma Joly is another of the best restaurants in Bali offering diners a unique and romantic dining experience. This time swapping a cave for a tent on Kuta Beach as you watch the sun go down, surrounded by candlelight. Spaces are limited, so book online here before you travel.


There are many types of foodie, but a locavore is a term used for those who actively seek out only the best in local produce. As such this restaurant uses the term for that very reason. Modern cuisine, only using local produce is very much at the heart of its ethos.


At Room4Dessert the food experience starts the moment you step into the garden. Diners are invited to explore the grounds, just as they are welcomed to their table. If you have a sweet tooth, you certainly won’t be disappointed with this intriguing and somewhat unique menu.

Food and Drink Experiences in Bali

Book incredible food experiences in Bali with tabl. Choose from a range of food and drink tours, dining experiences, holidays and the best restaurants in Bali.

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