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When you visit Prague, there is a wide range of food and drink experiences that are almost considered essential to any holiday, such as romantic dinner cruises.

After all, in a city deeply steeped in history and culture, it would be a shame to miss out on some of the best things Czechia's capital has to offer. If you're planning on visiting Prague with your significant other, a romantic dinner cruise in Prague is an experience you don't want to miss.

Read on to find out more about why Prague is the perfect location for a romantic dinner cruise, with some key features to look out for when choosing the perfect experience.

What makes a Romantic Dinner Cruise in Prague Special?

There are significant benefits to taking part in a river cruise in Prague. As with many of Europe's most historic cities, major parts of the city are built on the banks of the river piercing through the very heart of the city. The River Vltava is no different from the trend, yielding only for the islands featuring Ostrov Stvanice and Císařský Ostrov directly opposite Prague Zoo. Střelecký Ostrov is further up the river, but another blockage in the typical flow of the river that adds even more texture to the view of a river cruise.

Just some of the buildings visible on a romantic dinner cruise through Prague include Vysehrad, the stunning Dancing House designed by Frank Gehry, and the stunning Letenská pláň gardens, bringing a beautiful touch of greenery to the typically architectural views that the Prague skyline has to offer visitors. As with the majority of Europe's historic capitals, there is plenty to gain by taking in a view from the river, and your experience is only improved by taking in some of the delicious cuisines that Czechia's capital has to offer its tourists and locals on a consistent basis.

What sets Prague's cuisine apart?

Prague's culinary scene is something almost unique in the world of food and drink. Czechia acts as the gateway between Western Europe with Germany to the west, Eastern Europe with Poland to the east and even Alpine influences due to the presence of Austria on the southern border of the country. This means that visiting Czechia almost guarantees an introduction to a fusion of a wide range of different cuisines, drawing you into new taste experiences in every single restaurant you visit.

The same wide variance of flavour and cuisine stands for romantic dinner cruises in addition to simply applying to the restaurants in the area. Although the more fine dining options of any location tend to draw themselves towards relative uniformity, this is rarely the case in Prague. The most highly regarded restaurants in Prague include curry houses, bistros and even restaurants focusing on a Mediterranean theme. No matter what you're looking for in your romantic dinner cruise's food options, you're sure to find a stunning option bringing all you want to see to the table for your dining pleasure.

Questions to ask when booking a dinner cruise

When you're looking for a specific river cruise in Prague to dine upon, you want to ensure that it has everything you need to make the most of your experience. This means asking all of the right questions at the right times, or you run the risk of getting something you didn't expect from your dinner cruise experience. Read on to find out some of the questions you need to ask about any cruise you consider, and why each aspect is so important to get the experience you want.

What is the chef's speciality?

As you're taking part in a romantic dinner cruise, dinner itself is a fundamental part of your experience. Taking part in your cruise without knowing what the chef's speciality is is a risk, as they may focus on a cuisine you dislike, or you might accidentally pass up on a world-leading expert cooking for a dish you adore. Take more time looking into your chef and find out what you can about the specifics of what they have to offer you on your river cruise to avoid missing out.

What is the route?

Although the route of a cruise tends to be fairly fixed (after all, rivers aren't the most varied of paths), the route of a romantic dinner cruise still has some level of variety affecting it. For example, if a cruise goes as far south as Podoli, or far enough north to place you alongside the Zoo at the edge of the city. Get a better understanding of how far the cruise goes, as if there's anything you want to see it's best to double-check that you'll have the opportunity.

What is the boat like?

A key part of a river cruise that often goes underrated is the boat itself. For example, some romantic dinner cruises in Prague include the option for a glass-roofed boat, providing views of the stars above the romantic cityscape of Czechia's capital city. This adds an extra dimension to an already incredible experience and is something you can ask about when researching dinner tours for you to enjoy.

Pick a reliable dinner cruise service

As with any culinary adventure, ensure that the service you get is of a high standard. Prague is renowned for its high-quality range of culinary options, so there are plenty of quality options available to you no matter what you want to do on your trip. This means that you can take your time, look at all of the options and make a final decision based on what previous customers and reliable reviewers say about the romantic dinner cruises on offer in Prague.

Prague Food and Drink Experiences

tabl. is a booking service offering a range of Prague food and drink experiences, activities and romantic dinner cruises. All of which undergo a thorough reviewing system, so when you book with you know you're seeing the best that a city has to offer. Browse the tours and experiences available on today to start planning your culinary trip to Prague.

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