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Experience the very best in Greek cuisine by joining one of our private food and wine tours in Corfu, available throughout the island.

Greece is known for its grilled meat, fresh fish and healthy salads. However, there’s so much when it comes to authentic Corfiot dishes. Some of the regional favourites and popular food in Corfu include sofrito beef and the traditional pastitsada. While sweet dishes such as Pasta Flora and a loaf of Fogatsa bread are also just as delicious.

Private Food and Wine Tours in Corfu

While we highly recommend any of our food and wine tours in Corfu, by hiring a private guide you get complete dedication to your party. As such, while sharing food and wine with strangers can be just as fun, sometimes a little privacy goes a long way.

Taste Corfu Private Tour

Travel in style on this chauffeur driven food tour of Corfu. During which you will sample the local cuisine of old Corfu town. Along the tour, you will also sample the locally-produced olive oil. Although it's the various desserts aimed at foodies with a sweet tooth that make this tour a popular choice.

Not only that but with your own driver leading the way, there’s time for a bit of sightseeing too. Including a boat trip that will take you into the caves of Palaiokastritsa. After which, an extended break for some free time will follow lunch.

Corfu for Foodies Private Tour

If you’re willing to spend a little extra than the previous food tour in Corfu, then this is the ultimate foodies experience.

There will be lots of local produce to sample, including the sweet tastes of honey and marmalade. As too, is lunch included, an old traditionally cooked hot meal, complete with a Greek side salad.

After which, there will also be time to explore the old town as well as having stopped off at Palaiokastritsa Beach & a nearby Monastery.

Private tour to Paleokastritsa

Just outside of Corfu is the mystical village of Palaiokastritsa. One which is has a significant place in Greek history and storytelling. It is here where the Greek King Odysseus is believed to have embarked on his journey to the mythical island of Phaeacia.

Whatever the truth is, you are invited to learn more as part of a private wine tour in Corfu. During which you will visit Paleokastritsa, Bella Vista and enjoy a visit to a local winery. There will also be some time to explore at your own leisure. As well as an optional boat trip, a quick swim or take the break to simply embrace your surroundings.

Food and Drink Experiences in Corfu

Are you interested in the world of food tourism and off to Greece on holiday? Then why not book food and drink tours in Corfu with Where you will find private food experiences, wine tours in Corfu, tasting, cooking classes and much more.

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