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The Indonesian island is known for its traditional Balinese food. That’s why we discover popular food to try in Bali, while on the holiday of a lifetime. All of which can be enjoyed with one of our food experiences in Bali, featuring some of the best local restaurants and more.

Balinese cuisine makes the most of local produce, such as freshly grown vegetables and fish supplied directly from the nearby ports. As well as aged-old traditions, authentic food to try in Bali also takes influence from India and the Chinese. In particular, with the careful use of spices, to create hot rice dishes alongside delicately flavoured meat and fish.

Popular Food to Try in Bali

Authentic food experiences in Bali, are a foodies dream, during which you will enjoy the very best cuisine from this incredible destination.

Nasi Goreng

Fried rice dishes feature heavily in Asian cuisine, with the food of Bali being no different. Nasi Goreng is not only a popular classic but thought of as Bali’s national dish. Served with meat or fish, each restaurant will no doubt have their own take on this staple within Balinese culture.

Mie Goreng

Likewise, when it comes to other Balinese dishes, fried noodles are often a replacement for the fried rice. As is the versatility of both rice and noodles across Asian cookery.

Bebek Betutu

Here’s a fantastic food to try in Bali that takes time to perfect. Slowly cooked amid the burning embers of rice husks, the smoked duck meat should then just fall off the bone.

Nasi Campur

This rice dish is a great way of using left-overs or adapting to whatever ingredients are available at the time. Popular among street food vendors, you’ll likely to have lots of little tasters on your plate try.

Babi Guling

Babi Guling is a fantastic introduction to Bali’s cooking skills. Providing a perfect balance of turmeric, coriander, chilli, ginger, lime and lemongrass.

The dish is often made using the whole pig, although fine-dining experiences are likely to only serve the very best cuts of meat.

Nasi Jinggo

Another authentic lunchtime snack to discover while on a street food tour in Bali is Nasi Jinggo. Traditionally served within a banana leaf, the mixture of rice and vegetables can also be used to accompany a main meal.


Often divided between Red Lawar and White Lawar, this is a mixture of meats cooked with green vegetables and grated coconut. The red includes the blood of the animals, while the white uses the more subtle flavours of jackfruit.


If you wish to try several items of food at once, then order a mini Rijsttafel. It's the ideal dish to share with your fellow diners. As it will come as an introduction to Balinese cuisine, featuring samples of many of those mentioned above, along with many more!


While many rice and noodle dishes can be adapted for the vegetarian foodie, Gado-Gado already comes meat-free. It could be considered just a salad, but it’s much more, especially when you cover it in peanut sauce.

Pisang Goreng

Bali, you will no doubt spot the variety of bananas growing all around you. Although you'll notice it’s not just limited to the one type. As such, this sweet dessert is the best way to end our list of food to try, as it showcases the banana with honey and syrup, deep-fried.

Food and Drink Experiences in Bali

The beautiful island is full of romantic dining experiences, food and drink tours, cooking classes and much more. Are you a complete foodie visiting Indonesia for the first time? Then why not book food experiences in Bali with tabl. and memories that will last forever.

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