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When it comes to Greek cuisine, the most popular of Corfu food is often served up during our food tours in Corfu. Which will feature some of the more authentic local cuisine.

As a general observation, food in Greece is often based around the fruits of the sea and fresh naturally grown produce. Meanwhile, meat can be found slowly cooking over charcoal, while washed down with a fine bottle of Greek wine.

Regional dishes in Corfu, however, also introduce something of a personal touch. Often referred to as “Corfiot” cuisine, the typical diet is a mixture of Mediterranean classics, combined with a Venetian influence.

Popular Corfu Food and Drink

Below we take a look into just some of the popular Corfu food and drink available that’s often associated with the island.

Although if you wish to learn more, food tours in Corfu are the ideal way to taste the flavours of Greece for yourself.


This is the 1st of two dishes thought of as a traditional trademark of Corfu. Pastitsada is more a style of cooking than just simply the finished article. Ingredients include meat cooked with spice, onion, garlic and red wine.

However, the accompanying sauce features additional spicing such as cinnamon and nutmeg.


The 2nd important dish to look out for when it comes to popular Corfu food is Sofrito. Thin layers of beef are cooked in a delicate white wine sauce, often cooked at home but can certainly still be found in high-end restaurants.

Bianco Fish

This is one-pot cooking at its most refined, whereby fish such as seabass is simply cooked with onion, garlic and parsley. Potatoes are cooked down in the same pot, with lemon added along the way. If you wish to truly savour the taste, then mop up the sauce with some crusty bread.


Another fish dish and one that’s proven a staple on any Corfiot menu. The tomato-based sauce is filled with flavour and the addition of leeks, while also utilising locally sourced onions and red peppers. Traditionally cod is the main fish of choice, although it can easily be adapted if required.


In many ways, Bourdeto could be considered a regional take on Stakofisi, but it’s much than that really. Once considered the poor-mans option, we prefer to consider it good old-fashioned home-cooking.


If you’re out on a food tour in Corfu, chances are you will smell fresh bread along the way. In which case, following your nose and you’ll find a loaf of Fogatsa. It’s a Greek version of a sweet brioche dough and one that’s also related to as “Easter Bread”.

Greek Wine

The ancient Greeks are responsible for introducing wine and grapevines to many destinations around Europe. However, in particular, Corfu wine tends to stick those varieties that are native to the island, including the grapes Kakotrygis and Petrokoritho.

Kumquat Liqueur

Also known as the “Golden Fruit” kumquats are readily available on the island of Corfu. The fruit is fermented to create this unique liqueur and one that’s a popular alternative to wine and beer. It can be traced back to the mid-1800s and often produced in the same distilleries as making traditional Greek Ouzo.

As a side note, if you're a vegan foodie, Greece is a country with an easily adaptable menu. After all, it's a country widely recognised as one of the best destinations for vegans.

Food and Drink Experiences in Corfu

With you will find a range of food and drink experiences, as well as tips and recommendations for popular restaurants. As well as somewhere to book your authentic food tours in Corfu.

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