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The diverse mix of cultures within Argentina is reflected within many of the popular Buenos Aires restaurants. Resulting in a vibrant and colourful mix of authentic local cuisine, with plenty of international-inspired fine-dining experiences.

As such, restaurants in Buenos Aires often provide a combination of traditional South American food with a twist of modern gastronomy. Not only that, but the local port of Puerto Nuevo welcomes food tourism on a daily basis.

This is largely due to the number of cruise ships arriving in the city, allowing plenty of time for a quick shore excursion.

Buenos Aires Restaurants and Experiences

If you are an international foodie, looking for both authentic Argentinian cuisine and traditional entertainment, we highly recommend the following food experiences.

All of which are designed to coincide with your arrival into Puerto Nuevo. Providing an amazing time as you disembark ready for a Buenos Aires Shore Excursion. Each comes with not only an incredible Buenos Aires Restaurant experiencebut a live Tango performance too!

Madero Tango Dinner and Tango Show

After being collected from the terminal cruise, diners are taken to the fashionable neighbourhood of Puerto Madero. Here guests are presented with a gorgeous three-course dinner, along with an expressive Tango Show. The Madero Tang dinner offers an alternative to the usual tango dance. As there is always a live orchestra performing while colourful dancers taking to the stage.

El Viejo Almacen Dinner and Tango Show

Another of our Buenos Aires shore excursions offers a chance to experience the internationally-known Tangueria. Here you can enjoy a passionate tango dance with a delicious three-course dinner. One that takes place at the popular Buenos Aires restaurants "El Viejo Almacen"

In fact, this particular venue is of real historical interest. Having been built in the late 18th century, it has been producing traditional Tango shows since 1969.

Tango Porteño Dinner and Tango Show

Experience the dazzling golden age of Argentine tango at Tango Porteño. The stage recreates the 1940’s reign of the passionate tango styles.

An amazing three-course dinner is served as you sit back and relax, ready to enjoy the show. As always, expect the performance to be full of colour, with authentic costumes, set against a fantastic back-drop.

Cafe De Los Angelitos Dinner and Tango Show

After collection at the port terminal, guests are taken to the amazing Cafe de Los Angelitos. Here you will be welcomed to the venue and seated ready for another incredible Tango show.

Enjoy a gourmet meal as you applaud the performance and admire the truly wonderful venue.  As this historical coffee house will plunge you back in time, to an era filled with Argentine passion and elegance.

Esquina Homero Manzi Dinner and Tango Show

As well as settling down for dinner at a popular Buenos Aires restaurant, you will also visit the historical areas of San Juan and Boedos.

Both neighbourhoods express the authentic and local urban culture, allowing you to get a feel for your surroundings. Not only that, but it is also home to the ever-popular La Esquina Homero Manzi, restaurant. 

Here you will start your night with a sumptuous three-course dinner featuring an international menu. Afterwards, the tango show will commence with a live musical quintet, along with professional tango dancers.

El Querandi Tango and Dinner Show

Another fantastic evening out with a tango show accompanied by a delicious 3-course dinner. The graceful dancers take to the stage at this historic cafe situated in the Recoleta area of Buenos Aires.

Enjoy the French-styled ambience, along with song and dance, live music and an artful folklore show that comes highly recommended!

Restaurants in Buenos Aires

With our food experiences in Buenos Aires, foodies are transported back to the late 19th century Argentina. Where you can enjoy restaurants in Buenos Aires that strike a balance of fine-dining, with talented musicians, vocalists and sensual Tango dancers.

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