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With more Michelin Stars per square meter than almost anywhere else in the world, food tours in San Sebastian are of a particularly high standard. After all, as of 2020, there have been a total of 16 stars awarded within the region! 9 of which are divided between 3 exclusive Michelin Starred restaurants.

Although, that’s not to say you can’t still enjoy the more authentic Spanish cuisine. The classics, such as paella and the smaller Pintxo tapas dishes elsewhere. Just, when it comes to Michelin Starred Restaurants in San Sebastian, the award-wining chefs will present you with a true experience to remember.

Michelin Starred Restaurants in San Sebastian

Below we take a look at closer look at the very best Michelin Starred Restaurants in San Sebastian: Akelarre, Martin Berasategui and Arzak. Where all 3 are proud to stand out among the competition with not just the 1 star, but 3 stars each.

Akelarre Restaurant & Hotel

The first of our Michelin Starred Restaurants in San Sebastian is situated in prime position, overlooking the Bay of Biscay.

Housed within a 5 Star hotel, it’s not just the hotel that delivers in the upmost of quality. The restaurant offers diners a choice of 2 menus. Albeit both of which available with a choice of main courses.

Whichever you decide, the set menu will set you back €240 per person, plus drinks. Where every course is served with precision and personal customer service. As for the food itself, there’s everything from Egg with Caviar and cauliflower purée for starters to a main of spiced veal, followed by a take on the traditional apple tart.

Martin Berasategui

Named after its head chef, the Martin Berasategui restaurant is in the very heart of the Basque Country. The restaurant’s interior is classic yet classy, with a menu that provides an ultra-modern food experience in San Sebastian.

Despite heading into his 45th year as a chef, Martin Berasategui remains one of Spain’s most innovative cooks. As such, when you see the likes of fresh scallops or lamb chops with fried bread, you know it’s not going to be quite as you may envisage.

With the restaurant in high demand, it’s worth noting in the event of a no-show, you may well still be charged €220 per person. Although, having said that, why would you ever change your mind at this one in a lifetime experience?


Dining at Arzak is more than just a food experience in San Sebastian, its time spent in what once a family home. Dating back to 1897, the building was once a local wine shop and bar for the local residents.

Since then, it has been somewhat transformed into one of the Basque Country’s most talked-about eateries. Nowadays the restaurant is still very much a family affair. The father and daughter team of Juan Mari and Elena Arzak pushing the boundaries of modern cookery.

When it comes to the fine-dining experience, this is far from traditional home cooking. Dishes aren’t developed in your regular, state of the art kitchen, but that of the Arzak Lab. Where there are literally 1000’s of ingredients available at your fingertips.

Food and Drink Experiences in San Sebastian

Are you looking for the ultimate food experience in San Sebastian? Maybe a local wine tour, traditional Basque Cookery Class or table at a restaurant.

Here at we have something for everyone. With popular restaurants, food tours in San Sebastian, wine tasting and other food and drink experiences in San Sebastian. All available to book online and in advance.

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